Alisun, Photo Courtesy of Marbella Music

The Latin American artist, Alisun is heating up the music industry with her musical experience and passion for the environment. In 2021, she released her indie/pop single, “Hypothermia,” leading up to the anticipated release of her new song, “They Live In and Around Us.” Alisun’s shining, angelic voice has jump-started her career in the music industry. Recently, on August 5th, her anticipated new single, “Around the World” was released.

The Untitled Magazine caught up with Alisun on her passion for lyrics that speak to her strong connection with animals and nature. Keep reading for the full interview.

Alisun, Photo Courtesy of Marbella Music

You were born in California. What was it like growing up there? 

It felt very safe where I grew up, very calm.

You discovered your musical talent at a young age. How did you get started in your music and acting lessons? 

I started playing piano at 4/5 ish years old but I never liked to practice around that age and I do believe I would have had more fluidity with my instruments if I was more consistent so I think hard work is definitely more of a key factor than talent for me. When it comes to acting I started getting into it when I was a sophomore in high school when my best friend threw me into an improv club one day. The head of that club really liked me and what I was doing and she suggested I join theater so I just went with it and fell in love.

Were your parents in the music industry? Did they encourage you to pursue a career in music? 

They were yes; however, they always supported my ideas of whatever it was that I wanted to be, which was a wide range of things when I was younger. They actually tried convincing me to not pursue music rather than to do it.

Who are some of your biggest influences across music and film? 

James Horner, Yann Tiersen, and Hans Zimmer are definitely some cinematic musical influences. As far as acting I really love Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and everyone from Game of Thrones. The dedication and high level of authenticity within their characters are super impressive to me.

Alisun, Photo Courtesy of Marbella Music

As a proud Latin American, how does your identity connect to your music? 

I think my main identity to myself is being a child of the earth, so I try to integrate all the aspects of who I see myself as within my music attempting to honor many cultures and ways of life outside my own.

Are there any notable Mexican or Cuban artists that have inspired you or your work?

Marco Antonio Solis has definitely inspired my work.

You released your first single, “Hypothermia” in 2021. What inspired the track? 

I wrote this song in the middle of a vision where I saw myself running in a snowy Forrest, falling and dying of hypothermia and the lyrics are the story of what that version of me wanted me to say.

Tell us about your track “They Live In and Around Us”? 

They live in and around us is a song that talks about the magic of everything that lives around us at every moment as well as the magic within ourselves, the interconnectedness we all have to love.

Your performance looks are very spiritual and eye-catching. Do you choose your outfits? What inspires your style?

I do! I try to pick things that I feel good in as well as things that accentuate the feeling of the song.

With your growing following on Instagram and TikTok, how do you feel social media has impacted your career? 

I think it’s definitely a huge help and something I’m thankful for in that regard, being able to have a platform where you can reach so many people and using that for good is really important to me.

You have a new single dropping, “Around the World” on August 5th. What was the inspiration for this song? 

I wrote this song after I heard Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN, telling many world leaders about how they’ve let our generation down, breaking every environmental promise. They are taking these kids’ futures away and I couldn’t help but make something about that so that people could listen to the voices of the young.

Any producers or artists you would love to have a future collaboration with? 

I definitely want to collaborate with Billie Eilish, Aurora, Lady Gaga, Finneas, Mose, and Equanimous.

Alisun, Photo Courtesy of Marbella Music

You support various philanthropic efforts such as the World Wildlife Fund and 8 Billion Trees. How did you get involved with these foundations? 

They all kind of came to me in their own ways and learning about our impact on the planet really pushed me to support WWF. The knowledge of what people do to get palm oil, and the destruction of orangutan habitats really moved me to find the Orangutan Project. 8 Billion Trees came to me from announcements they had on Instagram, and their message really resonated with me so I support all three now!

The band, Camila, invited you on a two-year tour, can you share some highlights from touring with them? 

It was definitely an experience that allowed me to grow more than I thought I could, I really tested my comfort zone and expanded it more and more every show. I truly wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for that experience. It was really the moment that made me confirm that this is what I want in my life because I gained self-belief being there and starting my creative process. I wrote these songs during these years.

You have an exciting year on the way! Any other performances or releases we should look out for?

“Mundieo” is one song of mine that I’m most proud of that’s coming out soon, the word means early action for the world. It’s a very different vibe than my other ones until this point so I’m super excited for that one to be out and ready!

For more on Alisun, follow her music and social platforms: Spotify | Apple Music | Instagram | TikTok 

Check out her latest music video, “Around The World” below:

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