We know you’ve been counting down the days until Ivy Park’s release and so have we. Any excuse to get in “Formation” while pretending to be Beyoncé and you can bet that we’re there. With just one day until the big release at American retailers Nordstrom, TopShop, and Net-A-Porter, Ivy Park has shown itself to be a line of minimal ath-leisure. From more basic leggings and tanks to the edgier hoodies and bodysuits, the line is cool, but relaxed; sexy, but comfortable.

The line boasts a big responsibility: empowering a woman to look and feel her best whatever she is doing. For Beyoncé and Sir Phillip Green, who are equally co-founders and business owners, Ivy Park is a brand for everybody and every body shape. The price point falls somewhere near Nike’s with sports bras selling for thirty dollars and a zip-up at 90 dollars. From tees and tanks to knit shorts and joggers, the Ivy Park line can easily be worn to the gym, around the house, to brunch, or to class. The brand name is flaunted in some pieces in a small and subtle way while in others it is big and bold across the front of tees and down the sides of pants. Beyoncé wants you to know that this is her line, made to celebrate the importance of physical well being in relation to mental happiness in young women today.

Looks from the Ivy Park collection
Looks from the Ivy Park collection

Ivy Park believes that encouraging sport to become an everyday and enjoyable part of women’s lives will help raise a generation of females who value their bodies from the inside out. Often women who look good when they work out, say that it helps them to feel confident in the gym. Ivy Park does just that. The line has both basics and fashion pieces. Leggings come in three shapes: the “I” is a low-rise silhouette, the “V” is a mid-rise silhouette, and the “Y” is a high-rise silhouette, while the details of each vary. The color scheme of many of the pieces of cobalt blue, black and gray-marl is sleek and sexy, confident and appealing on many body types and skin tones. Signature pieces that will appear every season include fitted tanks, sports bras, knits, and bodysuits, while featured pieces are cotton-jersey vests, basketball mesh oversize tees, vests, jackets, and logo sweatshirts.

ivy park 2

As well as featuring the Ivy Park logo that is sure to be seen on nearly everyone following the collection’s release, the number 4 is seen throughout the collection. Significant to Beyoncé, the 4th is the date of her birthday, Jay Z’s birthday, and the couples wedding anniversary. Ivy Park as a name is also significant to Queen Bey. ‘IV,’ from Ivy, is the Roman numeral four and ‘Park’ represents beautiful shared open spaces that can be used for sport and leisure alike.

The collection is comprised of 200 pieces coming in sizes XXS to XL. Whether or not you want to get in Formation, you may want to get in line… Ivy Park hits stores on Thursday April 14 and we predict a stream of people rushing to get their hands on the merch. Not feeling a high-pressure retail environment? If you can click fast enough, you have an option to grab the looks online as well.

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