JilSander 2016
Jil Sander – Milan – Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show

The Jil Sander show, held in Milan on February 27, radiated a strong, structured women from the start with confident tailoring and tough over-sized outerwear. Starting with a stark white jacket with black buttons and leading into a black suit with an oversized feel for the second look, designer Rodolfo Paglialunga kept the Jil Sander’s look in check. The collection was both minimalist and chic. The color scheme stayed mainly in black, gray and white hues, opening up about midway with a metallic pink dress, before falling back on it’s sleek hues. From barren to overwhelming, Paglialunga joined the ranks of the other fall 2016 collections of excess when he added a few overly fuzzy, oversized sweaters to the ensemble. Though the more detailed looks didn’t exert the same power as the sleek starting outfits, they still impressed. Sander’s footsteps are hard to fill, but it looks like Paglialunga is doing his best, while leaving some of his own footprints on the collection.

Jil Sander 2016 -4

Jil Sander 2016-2

Jil Sander 2016 -3

Jil Sander 2016 -7

Jil Sander 2016 -8

Jil Sander 2016 -6

Jil Sander 2016 -5

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