Kerli has returned to the music world with a breathtaking single, titled “Feral Hearts” and the video to go with it. Directed by CJ Task and with creative direction by Kerli herself, the video is described by Kerli as “capturing that idea of going back into the wild, reconnecting with nature and embracing that beauty and delicacy.”

The video for “Feral Hearts,” seen above, was also shot in Estonia, showcasing the expansive landscapes, dusks and dawns and lush greenery of Kerli’s native land. In the music video, Kerli has created an imaginative and creative world. The video was shot by a local crew, keeping Kerli’s support of local business at the forefront and want to highlight the beauty of her native land.

In 2015, Kerli packed her bags, left Los Angeles (where she had resided since 2008) and returned to her birthplace of Estonia. While there, she searched for inspiration and solitude amongst the landscapes of her homeland. Prior to taking this reprieve, Kerli was featured in The Untitled Magazine’s Music Issue in 2013. She can be seen in our behind the scenes video here:


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