“We got on like a house on fire, so it made sense for us to collaborate.” That’s what Dan Dare, one half of rising star dance group KOLIDESCOPES, said regarding his collaboration with musical counterpart Johnny Castro. The two musicians come from vastly different ends of the pop music spectrum, and even corners of the world. But when you combine the tropical disco credentials of Australia-hailing Castro with London-based Dare’s pop and grime sensibilities, you get a unique experience all its own. 

Having individually worked with artists like MARINA and Charli XCX, their stylings merge melancholy and good vibes to give us tunes ideal for a lazy summer day as well as the laid-back party later in the night. Their stated mission is “to write meaningful songs that people can dance to. It’s music for day and nighttime. Everything we write comes from an organic place. It’s dance music we’re writing, but it isn’t put-your-hands-in-the-air-and-go-fucking-mad dance music. We want to put our soul into what we’re doing.” And bring the soul they do. Following the success of their global hit which they wrote and produced, Joel Corry & MNEK’s “Head & Heart,” the duo made their major-label debut with their track “Torn”. 

Their latest collaboration brings them together with close friend, award-winning Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James for their new single “All For You”. The track utilizes James’ voice beautifully, merging pensive energy with the club beats we all miss experiencing in person. The feel-good song is sure to be a favorite with the combination of James incredible voice and the catchy euphoric beats that keep you dancing. 

We had a chat with KOLIDESCOPES about their latest track “All For You,” as well as their background, inspirations, and soulful dance sounds. Check out the full interview below.

KOLIDESCOPES. Courtesy of Jono Ball.

Tell us about your collaboration with Gavin James for “All For You” – How did you guys come together for this song?

We met for pints of Guinness and wrote 3 songs, we had been friends for years so it made sense to write some music.

What was the collaboration process like for the track? 

We’re all such good friends so it was very natural and a fun experience. Gavin is an amazing artist and writer so it all fell into place organically being such good mates. And I’d be lying if I said we didn’t sneak a few pints in between.

What is the inspiration behind “All For You”? 

The song is about finding yourself again through someone else, wondering how you’ve found them, and that you’ll do anything to keep that person around.

Tell us about the background of Kolidescopes – How did you both meet and start working together? 

We met at the Matrix in Chelsea, Dan had a studio there at the time and Johnny had another project he was working on. Our publishers set up a writing session, one thing lead to another and the rest is history!

Where are you currently based? I understand Johnny hails from Australia while Dan is from London?

I’m originally from Adelaide, Australia. Currently, I’m visiting home, and due to COVID restrictions in the UK I’m stuck here, but hoping to reunite with Dan if he can get an exemption into Australia. We’re itching to get back into the studio together!

Last year you guys had not only a breakthrough with the No.1 single “Head & Heart” by Joel Corry & MNEK, but also your major label debut with single “Torn.” How have things evolved for your band since these breakthroughs?

It was a strange but amazing year for KOLIDESCOPES IN 2020. We always had huge faith in “Head & Heart” and what it would achieve but I think the full extent of its success surprised us still! “Torn” was a song we had held onto for quite some time and we both really love that record. Releasing on a major label was great as we both have had quite some time since working with a major. It’s exciting to see where 2021 will take the KOLIDESCOPES team!

Did you have to make any major changes in order to continue to work together and release new music during the pandemic? 

Dan and I tried to keep working as best we could during the unforeseen pandemic. When it was allowed I think we spent nearly every day at my house or Dan’s writing new material. It became something that got us through the crazy times of lockdown. I think we wrote some of our best in that year! 

Tell us about your mission to put soul into dance music.

KOLIDESCOPES is fun, all about the good vibes. Music for the nighttime and music for the daytime. A lot of the songs are written just to the piano chords then the track is built around it. It’s dance music but ultimately we want the songs to mean something.

Are there any other artists you would love to collaborate with? 

I’d love to work with Chris Martin one day, he’s an inspiration as a writer and singer. One day…

Any other singles or projects coming up that we can look forward to in 2021?

Our new single with Gavin James is out Friday 19th of Feb! So excited for it and hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

Find KOLIDESCOPES’ music on SoundCloud, Apple Music and Spotify, and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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