PFW-FW12-H-maison_martin_margiela-_Jodie_Talbot-5PFW-FW12-H-maison_martin_margiela-_Jodie_Talbot-33PFW-FW12-H-maison_martin_margiela-_Jodie_Talbot-19MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA – PARIS F/W 2012 FASHION SHOW

Incredible texture blends were the highlight of the Fall/Winter collection from Maison Martin Margiela, colorblocked in some instances, and layered in others. Combinations of camel hair coats, sheepskin, muskrat furs, vinyl, denim, and most peculiarly, polyethylene, aka plastic trash bag, parkas both intrigued and confounded. Athletic cut jackets paired with classically cut overcoats contrasted nicely. The polyethylene is only mildly manipulated and kept for the most part and intact, resembling exactly the product, red bag ties and recycling logo included, resisting any urge to hide the material’s humble origins, highlighting them instead. Here, the luxurious becomes green and more importantly, rebellious, as trend and global consciousness would push any fashion house to be, following in the spirit of Martin Margiela, even after his departure from MMM.

Article by Amy Tabarly

Photography by Jodie Talbot for XXXX Magazine, “The Untitled Magazine”

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