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For Spring Summer 2013, Manish Arora goes back to his roots to pay a tribute to India. The country’s rich artistic legacy of ornamentation continues to inspire the world, with its vibrant colors, decorative arts, intricate architecture and unique handicrafts. Indian jewelry provides insight into ancient Indian culture and with his signature style, Manish has exhibited the legacy of ornamentation in India through this collection that take on both modern and traditional forms. The collection is an impeccable blend of India’s true essence and Manish’s vision of experiments in contemporary art and fashion. He takes inspiration from the myriad aesthetic layers of India- from its opulent embroideries to its intricate craftsmanship in architecture and ornamentation. He incorporates homage to nature often found in Indian jewelry. Breaking new ground in the fashion world, Manish has reinterpreted traditional Indian silhouettes through a modern lens. The collection has a series of prints- a combination of Indian jewelry and ornate panthers, tigers and gazelles. The animal prints have geometric shapes and the jewelry prints have floral falls- another cutting edge design from Manish Arora. Animal prints have been developed with chip embroidery technique. The sequin textures are hand-embroidered with the use of enameled jewels, metals and crystals. Hand-embroidered Zardozi and appliqué work on the silhouettes make the garments look modern and elegant. Gold, which has always been dominant in ornamenting the body in India, is employed as a bold accent on pastel colored background of textiles. This season, cotton fabric has been used extensively along with, silk crepes, georgette, chiffon and hand woven silk brocade from Varanasi, India. The stunning ranges of traditional Indian costumes- kurtas, angrakhas, Rajasthani blouses, churidars and salwars both add to the embellishment of the collection and honors Indian heritage.

This season, Manish in collaboration with Amrapali, one of the finest jewelry makers in India, introduces Manish Arora Amrapali collection of jewelries. These jewelries put forth the splendid Indian tradition with the contemporized flavor taking you deeper into the Indian heritage emphasizing on the everlasting beauty of nature and post culture exotism.The jeans in the collection are designed in collaboration with Notify (Paris) with exclusively developed exquisite embroideries that use a range of techniques and colors.The shoes are made in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti Design.

Fashion Week Coverage by The Untitled Magazine

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