Many Hopes Spring Ball 2019 
Tuesday, May 7th
Dinner and Program
930pm – 1230am
Edison Ballroom
240 W 47th St., New York
Tickets here.
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Many Hopes is raising the generation of children who will lead with justice and fairness and defeat the causes of extreme poverty in Kenya.

Many Hopes is committed to rescuing women from abuse and educating women in Kenya to become leaders. Their Spring Ball 2019 will be held on Tuesday, May 7th at the Edison Ballroom.

Many Hopes makes a peculiar proclamation for a charity seeking for financial support. They boldly state that as an organization, they won’t solve any of the great injustices of the world or end the great sufferings that people are enduring.

“We believe that children who have suffered injustice are the most powerful agents walking the earth to defeat the causes of the injustice they have survived..Not us, them. If we join them and give them that opportunity. We believe that children who are poor or have suffered abuse are not a problem to be solved but rather are a solution waiting to be unleashed. Nobody cares more about justice than those who have suffered injustice and so we give children the education in their heads and the confidence in their bellies and the network at their fingertips to match the desire for justice already in their hearts because of what they have experienced.” -Thomas Keown, Co-founder.

The story of how Many Hopes started goes as follows: “Gift was six years old when her mother died from AIDS. She never knew her father and was left to raise her infant brother alone. While begging for food on the streets of Mombasa her brother died as she carried him on her back. She didn’t know he was dead and continued begging for several hours until some street boys found her and told her. Not knowing what to do, the boys contacted Anthony Mulongo, a journalist who had befriended and fed them on the dumpsites where they lived. While reporting stories in the coastal city of Mombasa, Anthony began to be followed by boys living on the street who were fascinated by his video camera.  He started to feed them, fight for them through his reporting, and advocate for them with his network of friends who were lawyers and doctors and other professionals.

When the streetboys told him of Gift, he took her into his house, hired a lady to look after her, and paid for her to attend school. She effectively became his daughter. Anthony saw that street children were being denied national ID cards because they had no address and were then arrested for not having them. They were put in prison, and their friends would steal and then bribe the underpaid police to let them out. This had become a miserable cycle. So Anthony and two lawyer friends – Victor and James – took one streetboy’s case and sued the government. They won. The victory was widely reported, and in the last decade, tens of thousands of street children have been granted ID cards.

This planted the foundational idea of Many Hopes: “Three of us did this – a journalist and two lawyers. Imagine what we could do if there were 30 of us, or 60, or 300.” Anthony gave up his career to pursue that vision.”

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