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Melanie Martinez just released another self-directed, music video, this time for “Pacify Her”. Martinez uses the music box tune, pastel color scheme, doll aura mature twist to continue the narration of the album’s sequential ordered story about a character named Cry Baby. “Pacify Her” is the eleventh song on Martinez’s album “Cry Baby” and follows the song “Tag, You’re It” when Cry Baby is sexually assaulted. Learning Cry Baby’s difficult upbringing through the previous songs, “Pacify Her” significance is highlighted as Cry Baby turns from a love-stricken girl to a home-wrecker who does not care what people think about her as she no longer believes in love. Martinez again starred as Cry Baby who is now attempting to seduce a boy from his “basic bitch” girlfriend.

The video racked up over one million views in the first three and a half hours and is currently #13 YouTube’s top trending videos. This is her latest in a string of eleven music videos off her RIAA certified gold album, “Cry Baby”.

Melanie Martinez – The Untitled Magazine #GirlPower Issue – Photography by Annabel Mehran. Melanie wears her own clothing.

Martinez is used to the sudden fame. Introduced to the world on season 3 of The Voice, then 16 year old Martinez stunned the audience when she caught the attention of three of the four judges. After her elimination from the voice, Martinez began working on her own music. Her track “Carousel” was featured in the famous television show, American Horror Story: Freak Show. Martinez’s dreamy, raspy and mesmerizing voice brings a enchanting new sound to the music realm. Now only 21, Martinez has just scratched the surface of her potential with her original sound and intriguing songs.

Additionally, Martinez just released “Cry Baby Perfume Milk”, a fragrance she co-created with Takasago’s Catherine Selig. Pre-orders for this new product are available now at The perfume comes in a baby bottle, suiting Martinez’s style and the recently released videos. Read more about Martinez’s aesthetic in the #GirlPower Issue of The Untitled Magazine including her full interview. Also Ddn’t miss our behind the scenes video with Melanie on set with The Untitled Magazine. Check out the rest of Cry Baby’s story through the music videos listed below.

Cry Baby” – 38M views
Dollhouse” – 86M views
Sippy Cup” – 36M views
Carousel” – 49M views
Alphabet Boy” – 41Mviews
Soap/Training Wheels” – 12M views
Pity Party” – 69M views
Tag You’re It/Milk & Cookies” – 15M views


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