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When the leaves start changing, as do the fashion trends – fabrics get heavier, colors get darker, and we must dress to cater to the weather’s adjustments. But fall brings about many positive changes, and can be a time for new beginnings. Fashion should be no exception, and what better way to reinvent yourself than with new additions to your wardrobe! We’ve compiled six recurring menswear trends straight from the Fall 2014 runways that we think will making a lasting impression on stylish men everywhere.



Runway Look: Bottega Veneta, Products: 1. Saint Laurent,  2. Lanvin,  3. Bottega Veneta, 4. Lanvin,
5. Esk, 6. Valentino

Who says all the greenery disappears in the colder months? Green may start fading from the trees this fall, but you will be seeing plenty of it in men’s fashion. Olive shades and dark khakis have always been staple fall colors, but this coming season will feature green of all shades. We will be seeing both green statement pieces, like Saint Laurent’s tuxedo jacket, and mixed shades of the color worn together, as seen in Bottega Veneta’s runway look. Whether you’re ready to be fully clad in this look or prefer it small doses, prepare to see some serious nature hues this season.



Runway look: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Products: 1. Christopher Raeburn, 2. Alexander McQueen, 3. Givenchy, 4. Givenchy,
5. Saint Laurent, 6. Gucci

Leather isn’t just for bikers anymore. This season, even the most casual everyday pieces will be featuring at least some component of leather. This casual leather trend is not new to women’s wear, but we haven’t seen many fellas rocking leather t-shirts, sweatpants, and sneakers- until now that is. You can be on the lookout for these styles on the streets this coming fall.



Runway Looks: Dior Homme, Balenciaga, Products: 1. Ermenegildo Zegna, 2. Lanvin,
3. Esk, 4. Gucci

Who knew turtlenecks would be such such a hot commodity? The good news is, you guys can ditch that itchy cable-knit sweater because this year’s turtleneck style is much more breathable. The turtlenecks on this year’s fall runways were much sleeker and more fitted. We saw the pieces being worn on their own as a bold addition to slacks and loafers, but mainly under sports coats as an alternative to the classic button-up. Either way, we find this trend to be sexy and stylish.



Runway Look: Alexander McQueen, Products: 1. Etro, 2. Balenciaga, 3. Dolce & Gabbana,
4. Alexander McQueen, 5. Saint Laurent, 6. Saint Laurent

Shying away from color in your wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring. We saw a lot of black and white in the fall collections this year, but with a twist of pattern play. Most designers who went for this look opted for bold geometric patterns. Since the 1960’s were a strong motif in this year’s women fall collections for women, it is no surprise that these patterned menswear pieces are giving a serious mod vibe.



Runway Looks: Burberry Prorsum, Prada, Products: 1. Belstaff, 2. Faconnable, 3. Giuseppe Zanotti, 4. Gucci

They say to always look for the silver lining, but in the Fall 2014 Menswear collections, it was all about the fur lining. A touch of fur can add a dramatic luxe effect to otherwise simple pieces. This look can be dressed up, as seen in Burberry Prorsum’s Runway look, or be used as an urban street trend.



Runway Look: Jil Sander, Products: 1. Marc Jacobs, 2. Prada, 3. Jil Sander, 4. Acne Studios, 5. Acne Studios,
6. Ralph Lauren Black Label

Move over, denim! You’re not the only fabric suitable for indigo anymore, as it was all over the runways for the fall menswear collections. This rich shade can be seen anywhere from shoes and accessories to formal evening attire. Dating back centuries, this was an imperial color worn by only the elite. Though commoners are now invited to take part in the trend, we still find it suitable for royalty.

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