<em>From left to right Gucci Versace Roberto Cavalli<em>


Prada was more subtle for Fall 2019 than it’s been in a while. Walking against the trends, the design house went with subtlety and utilitarian, with some glamour sprinkled in between the cargo pockets and the soldier greens.  There was some lace detailing, flower motifs, and a striped sweater moment – a nod to Freddie Kruger. Accessories like fur bags and pastel eyewear gave an office girl boss attitude, while the more sporty looks exuded a heroine, Supergirl, working woman mood.


Versace Fall 2019 was a mash-up of all that is different in prints and textures, the outcome? A fashionista modern woman, but not the one who follows the trends – she’s the trendsetter herself. With this collection, Donatella Versace wanted to bring back the grunge of the 90s in order to coincide with its comeback and the millennial’s demands for it. There were prints on prints, sexy little black dresses that can never go out of style, and two-set ensembles – the one that was worn by Kaia Gerber was made in croc vinyl leather paired with a hot pink chunky turtleneck knit – an ode to their famous Versace Fall 1994 ad campaign.


Fendi presented their Fall 2019 collection without its genius mind, Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away on February 2019. Technically, this is the last Fendi by Karl, which makes it a bittersweet collection – and he didn’t disappoint. Lagerfeld was a master in his field – the evidence seen on the tailoring of this collection’s coats and blazers. The tailoring transitioned into soft sheer fabrics paired against patent leather coats, reinforcing his genius for pairing opposites and making it not only work but also magnificent.


Gucci is for the cool, nonchalant, “were you talking to me?” girl. She has her own personal style, her own classic pieces, and mixes them with croc detailing and lace tights in a way that has never been seen before. It’s always in the cusp of being trashy – but at the end it takes a detour into “amazing.” Alessandro Michele is an ensemble master and has recreated Gucci for the better. Or best.


Moschino Fall 2019 was an America Beauty Pageant. Black-tie attire dresses were coupled with an amplitude of diamonds and sky-reaching, hair-sprayed hair. Kaia Gerber opened the runway with an American dollar bill printed all over a trench dress. Using America as a camp concept for inspiration, Jeremy Scott knows how to tackle serious issues without losing the fun.


The Roberto Cavalli brand is opulence and glamour. Starting the Fall 2019 with one of his signature wavy prints in different shades of camel browns and blues, it was used as a motif, sprinkled throughout the mini dresses and undershirts in the collection. It transitioned into blue snakeskin print coats, pants, and undershirts – sometimes as the main focus; sometimes used as an accent. Cavalli is about to give snakeskin print its deserved moment. Or comeback.


Two words: power coats. Max Mara Fall 2019 was a monochrome dream of camels, blacks, and primary colors – each ensemble the same hue, only varying in intensity. This collection represents the classic, modern, working woman that favors a uniform over intricate, trendy pieces – each look’s main piece being an uptown, dapper, cozy coat that tied everything together.

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