00190m00050m00320mMIU MIU – PARIS F/W 2012 FASHION SHOW

Muccia Prada was enamored with pantsuits for Miu Miu‘s Fall 2012 collection, having show them in her Prada collection as well, Muccia claims pantsuits, “after years of skirts, [are] the one thing I find exciting at the moment.”  The collection had a masculine tailoring to the pantsuits that was generously cut, paired with shirts with seventies style collars, frilly ties, and high-waisted floods.  The suits came in every variety, looks included easy to wear solids, pieces with a slight sharkskin sheen, and wild, Art Nouveau flowers.  Muccia managed to walk a fine line in her fall collection, presenting something that could be described as retro and kitsch while at the same time making a bold statement at a fashion house known for its dresses.

Fashion Week Coverage Directed by Indira Cesarine

Text by Emily Kirkpatrick

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