We live in a demanding time. An evolutionary path expedited by technology to the point that our instinctual habits are nearly extinct. But in today’s world, neglecting advances will turn you obsolete to modern society within a year. In this craze of technology, how are we to remain cognitive to the organic beings that we are, when we are so rapidly developing into a Jetson’s society?  Among the fashion industry, there is a counter movement of incorporating the organic beauty of nature into our wardrobe.

Silence Room for No Noise

Tapping into an innate response to human nature, the No Noise concept at Selfridges encourages its customers to find their inner peace and build on natural energy instead of flashy decor.  Within the No Noise concept lays layers of activities that encourage its customers to detach from the cluster of noise in our world and find calm among crowds.  No Noise is a shopping experience for a lost luxury in modern society, silence.

The “Silence Room” originated in 1909 when Harry Gordon Selfridge designed a room where customers could withdraw from the hustle of the outside.  Revamped by Alex Cochrane, the Silence Room consists of an inner-sanctum with the store where the only requirement is for customers to leave their shoes and 21st century devices in provided lockers.  Meanwhile, “Headspace” is a concept throughout the Selfridge store in which customers can locate Headspace Pods and participate in a ten-minute meditation.  To incorporate all senses in the no noise concept, an organic and raw “Food for Thought” offering provides customers with simple ingredients.

Smart Lamp Speaker

Like many people, your average day may consist of a two-hour commute, and eight-hour workday, where a glimpse of sunlight is a rare and coveted luxury.  Emoi design studio developed a concept lamp that mimics the sunrise and sunset within your home.  They believe that good design creates an emotional connection and they prove to do so with the Smart Lamp Speaker.

A soft dome silicon surface designed from environmentally friendly materials, the Smart Speaker Lamp employs the nurturing feeling of being awoken and relaxed by the natural cycle of the sun.  To further enhance the design concept, the lamp is controlled by a mobile APP, turning it into a speaker, lamp, speakerphone, and alarm.  360-degree sound matches the natural frequency range of 70HZ-18KHZ with a less than 0.5% distortion.  An intuitive tap on and off sensor stimulates sight, sound, and touch senses for a start to finish natural experience.  The Smart Speaker lamp comes in reusable, natural-colored box for a gift ready presentation.

LED bracelet

Jing Zhou, founder of an all-female Chinese design team, presents her latest project, Elemoon, inspired by the sunset.  Elemoon is a smart LED accessory that combines customizable light designs with an alert setting for its users. Inspired by Scott Saibe, Zhou journeyed to design technology with a soul.  “Nature inspires art. Nature and art inspired technology. Not the other way around.” – Scott Saibe. With the copy cat culture of China strongly prevalent in the market, Zhou focused on China’s VC community to ideas developed by women.  By creating an accessory that matches the color of your outfits and alerts the user when they have a message, the Elemoon bracelet connects the sensory elements of natural light with the fashion forward thinking appeal of a wardrobe.

Rising Tree Bracelet

Finally, there was the successfully funded Rising Tree Bracelet that utilized fallen trees to supply money for the planting of a new forest. “It seems to connect us; whether you enjoy a vacation in the mountains, a stroll in the park, or visiting the beach with friends, nature always brings us together” Bobby Panczer, founder of Rising Tree Bracelet.  When Panczer moved to New York City after living in woodsy Eastern Pennsylvania, he prospered in the sensibility of fashion but craved the organic prosperity of nature. To develop an accessory that was fashion forward yet completely eco-friendly, he developed the Rising Tree Bracelet. Made of fallen salvaged tress, the Rising Tree Bracelet represents nature without harm. Available in Forest Brown, Natural, and Ebony, the Rising Tree Bracelet allows its consumer to appreciate fashion while avoiding the harmful effects new-product disposability.

One of the most elusive mysteries of nature is the perfect ability to balance polarities. It may seem impossible today to revel in the technological pursuits of the 21st century while connecting to nature, but the products and concepts are out there.  These concepts are retracting from the ever growing technological advances and concentrating on our roots of organic being.  A salvaged wooden bracelet may be all the reminder needed to connect with the greater picture.

-By Heather Grosse for The Untitled Magazine

Image top from Dior’s “Secret Garden” Campaign

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