Na Kim, Untitled, 2024. Courtesy of Nicola Vassell

Nicola Vassell
138 10th Avenue, NY
June 27-August 9, 2024
Opening June 27, 6-8 p.m.

From June 29 to August 9, contemporary art gallery Nicola Vassell will present The Selves, a group exhibition featuring work by Julia Chiang, Sally J. Han, Sheree Hovesepian, Na Kim, Anina Major, Nickola Pottinger, Elizabeth Schwaiger, Uman, and Alberta Whittle. The exhibition centers around the themes of memory, growth, transience, illumination, and self-awareness as they shape consciousness. The artists both draw from their own experiences and invite consideration beyond themselves. 

Na Kim, Untitled, 2024. Courtesy of Nicola Vassell

The Selves will exhibit the contributing artists’ talents through various media, featuring objects from which viewers can understand the artist’s conditions, conventions, and compulsions. Pieces on display will include Chiang’s geometries, Han’s self-portraits, Hovespian’s photographic compositions, and Major’s woven sculptures among others. Each portrait, no matter the medium, will confront the iterative nature of self, exploring the systems that mold who the artists have been and will become. The exhibition charts the oscillations that sculpt self-knowledge, positioning the artist as the mediator between obstacle, potential, interior, exterior, individualism, and collectivism.

The exhibition is in line with Nicola Vassell’s commitment to creating discourse and developing an intergenerational cross-disciplinary program of international artists. 

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