2017 has been marked by massive protests, such as the Woman’s March and the March For Science. Thousands lined the streets with clever and insightful signs, but importantly they had a purpose to their presence – to be heard in order to make change. There have been an abundance of protests since President Trump took office in January because of his legislative actions, such as to repeal and replace Obamacare and his retraction from the Paris Agreement. Though there are usually crowds at the Trump Tower in New York City to protest the president, there are plenty more protests in the city on a weekly basis. Keep on reading to find out about all of the protests happening this week in New York City and get your megaphone ready.

On Tuesday, June 25th at 6 PM, Trans Liberation Tuesday hosted by the Black Excellence Collective will congregate to protest the unfair treatment black transgender women endure – such as harassment, violence, lack of governmental protections, and more.

The next day on the 26th, there is one protest and one educational event for protecting reproductive rights. The first one, “Lunch at Cuomo’s,” takes place at 1 PM in front of 633 Third Avenue at the Governor’s New York City offices. The goal of the protest is to make passage of the Reproductive Health Act a priority for Governor Cuomo. This event started in March and has continued to occur every Wednesday.

The second event is called Action Night, where multiple sponsors educate and discuss reproductive rights in Trump’s presidency and what you can do to help save those rights. The event takes place from 5:45 PM to 8:30 PM at 208 W 13th Street.

The Women’s March have organized a rally in New York City at Times Square in front of the U.S. Army Career Center on July 26th from 5 PM to 8 PM. This protest is to “#FightBack against Trump’s statement today that Trans people shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the military.”

On Friday, July 28th, the Kindred Arts is hosting a silent protest at 5 PM starting in Bryant Park at 6th Avenue that makes its way to Columbus Circle. Kindred Arts created this event to protest “the rhetoric of the current administration [that] has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of our communities.” The organization itself will dress in white attire while marching in time with a drummer, but invites people in any attire who support the cause to walk as well.

This Saturday, July 29th, there is the March For Fair Trade, Human Rights and an End to Worker Exploitation. This march meets in Union Square at noon not only to voice the need for an end to worker exploitation, but also on what the next steps supporters can do.

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