<em>From left to right Christian Cowan Collina Strada Laurence Chico<em>


Collina Strada‘s collections and show productions usually have a bigger meaning and sentiment behind the clothes. For fall 2019, it was her concern for the irreversible damage we’ve caused our planet. With this collection, Strada vowed to recycle fabrics and sourced her materials locally. Key pieces were tye-dyed and bedazzled, and hair was intentionally and gracefully disheveled–all throughout eluding a relaxing environment of peace and ease. The casting included a pregnant woman and a 3-month-old baby (on his mom’s shoulders)! Talk about a runway (and a political) statement.


Alessandro Trincone colors outside the boundaries of the fashion norm. By pushing womenswear into a genderless realm, he puts men and non-binary genders in a higher, softer light, flouncing in silky feathered dresses and dreamy oceans of ruffles. Texture was the parting point for Trincone’s collection: velvets in lavenders gave the clothes a sort of edible touch; cotton candy mouthwatering. Trincone showed us that non-binary fashion is on its way up, thanks to designers who know how to break the rules.


For Fall 2019, Laurence & Chico let us board the plane with them on a trip to Thailand. Opening the show with an intercom announcement phone on the left, and a Mai Tai cocktail on the right, the model presenter teleported us onto a tropical voguing competition. As per Laurence & Chico, everything was major: there were giant loofah tulles, 6-inch pink wigs and heels, and lots of attitude. The good kind.


Christian Cowan‘s fall 2019 collection in one word: LOUD! His runway show took place on a snowy day, but the weather was forgotten when the upbeat thumps of the speakers starting blaring “FASHION, FASHION, FASHION!” By loud, we’re also referring to the clothes: the color palette included slime green, hot pink, and oversized sequins contrasted against heavy leathers. Models wore color-coordinates exposed wig caps, and the makeup was drag inspired.


At KES NYC, the background was as enticing as the clothes. For Fall 2019, KES recruited Julliard alumni to present their collection with a choreography by Chelsea Zalopany. Dancers swayed and spun; the soft silks moving along and gleaming with elegance and ease. When lit only by a soft pale light at a dingy Soho Warehouse (where the show took place), the collection evokes a spark of mystery and lust. Check out the video below.

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