Members of Paramore. Photography by Lindsey Byrnes.

Grammy award winning band, Paramore, is back to the music scene with a former band member and a new sound. The band has had its ups and downs, but through music and friendship, the band keeps persisting.

Paramore started in 2004 when they formed in Franklin, Tennessee. Their first album was Pop-Rock and now their newest album released on May 12, “After Laughter,” is number 26 on the iTunes Alternative chart. The band recorded the album at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A, which is their first time recording in Tennessee.

The band started out as five teenagers in a start-up band and has slowly matured over five albums into three adults. In the course of their history, they have lost a bassist who then returned, lost a drummer and guitarist, and then lost the same bassist again, but recently reunited with their lost drummer. All of this discourse is reflected in their songs, old and new. Currently, the band consists of singer and songwriter Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro.

“After the Laughter” features twelve songs with sad lyrics and happy tunes that has captured critics’ attention with Billboard claiming the song “Hard Times” to be “an addictive, Talking Heads inspired jam that sounds like it could follow ‘Ain’t It Fun’ as a Hot 100 smash.” Rolling Stone also praised the song, “Told You So,” as “polyrhythmic funk-pop.” Variety said, “Paramore has never sounded – or looked – more defiantly joyous… ‘After Laughter’ sounds like it’s about when life kicks you in the gonads. Instead of crying about it, hopefully Paramore will come back fighting and chop life’s head clean off.”

The band has been bombarding its fan base since the first single off the new album, “Hard Times,” was released unannounced on April 19th and was accompanied with a music video. The band has been taking to social media to post daily which is something fans are not used to since Paramore has been on and off social media after their last tour ended in mid-2015. The band has also recently done multiple interviews like one for a feature in The New York Times and another with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe. On May 5th, Paramore released another song and music video called, “Told You So.” Currently, both music videos have millions of views with “Hard Times” at over 28 million views and “Told You So” at 9 million views on YouTube.

from the set of Hard Times #zacsfilm

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The band is set to be on two tours this year. “Tour One” spans Europe and “Tour Two” is in the United States. Not only is Paramore going on two tours during the summer and fall, but in April of 2018, the band is setting sail for their third cruise called “Parahoy”. Fans from all over the world plan to board in Miami to set sail for four days on a cruise that features Paramore and various other artists. The four day festival at sea is aboard the Norwegian Jade and makes a round trip from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas from April 6th through the 10th.

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