From left to right: Dries Van Noten, Rochas, Christian Dior.

Eyeliner mistakes can be left alone for next spring. Makeup artists at Paris fashion week free-handed (or so it seems) the eyeliner application: Dries Van Noten did a chunky black stroke along the lids, while Christian Dior applied uneven short blotches of black eyeliner along the models’ eye corners.


From left to right: Dior, Bally, Rick Owens.

The tiny sunglass trend that took over celebrities and top models, consecutively becoming a mass favorite this year, is hanging by its last thread. According to the Parisian catwalks, it will be gone by next spring: designers showed a more efficient sun wear design, covering more than the eye’s pupil. Rick Owens emphasized this upcoming trend in grandeur; his sunglasses were forehead-wide and reflective.


From left to right: Maison Margiela, Courreges, Balmain.

The middle ages are alive in the form of headwear, more specifically bonnets. Up to the 19th century, “bonnet” was used to refer to any women’s headwear–but given the rise of high-fashion and the diversity and overproduction of new headwear styles, the word’s meaning went back to its roots. Being used since the beginning of time for female modesty and leisure wear in the 18th century, it now shifted to a more contemporary design, making it one of the more ubiquitous Spring 2019 Paris trends.


From left to right: Off-white, Dior, Chloe

Jewelry made out of hardware is nothing new in the streetwear scene. For Spring 2019, it made it all the way to Paris fashion week in the mode of chokers, pendants, belts, earrings, and even brooches. Chains are in: go to your corner hardware store and save some for next summer’s outings.


From left to right: Maison Margiela, Schiaparelli, Olivier Theyskens.

More suitable for couture than ready-to-wear, these head adornments eerily animated the runways of Paris adding exuberance to otherwise basic ensembles. Olivier Theyskens did it subtly; models hairdos were stabbed with metal pieces redolent of tree branches. Rick Owens took a more in-your-face approach, models wore geometric crowns as if suspended in mid-air, giving us his usual ethereal mood.

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