Peter Doherty courtesy of BMG/Clouds Hill.

Peter Doherty has released the video for his latest single ‘I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone)’, taken from his forthcoming album, ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’  to be released via BMG/Clouds Hill on Friday, December 2nd. The video was directed by Italian Luca Monterosso Whitmann using footage of Peter performing the song along with illustrations by art student Celine Jennings.

‘Hamburg Demonstrations’ will be available on CD, 12″ vinyl and digital download and is available to preorder now with first single ‘I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone)’ along with ‘The Whole World Is Our Playground’. Doherty will be touring France in November, including two sold-out nights at Le Bataclan (16th and 17th).

Album cover for Doherty's new album. Image courtesy of BMG/Clouds Hill.
Album cover for Doherty’s new album. Image courtesy of BMG/Clouds Hill.

Many are anxious to see how the tour will go due to Doherty’s past tendencies to have to cancel shows because of band disputes and other such fallout from his drug addiction. This is only his second solo album following his final departure from The Libertines, the band he cofounded and initially was thrown out of, though bandmates insisted they would let a sober Doherty back into the group.

If his drug addiction was the second thing people associate him with after his band, his past tumultuous relationships are easily the third. Most present in the media was his relationship with Kate Moss, leading to that iconic photo of her hanging out the window with him next to her, or the local legend of the “you’re in my veins you f*ck” text/possible blood message.

Doherty himself did display paintings that included his own blood as a medium, and this questionably addiction glorifying behavior was just another part of the criticism behind his relationships, which also included a much more hushed one with Amy Winehouse. Addiction wasn’t just his personal life it was his love life as well.

But this seems to be changing, there has been past successful rehab stints, and music is being produced after all. He is no longer making drug fueled, sex addled headlines for wrong reasons, and jail doesn’t seem to be a common place of residence any more. Its definitely intriguing to see the other side. But they say music is a window to the soul, and we’ll see what’s inside his in just over a month.



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