Rihanna working at Fenty. Photo Courtesy of fenty.com.
<em>Rihanna working at Fenty Photo Courtesy of Fentycom<em>

On Feb. 10, the luxury conglomerate LVMH, home to fashion houses such as and Dior, announced the suspension of Rihanna’s clothing line, Fenty.  This suspension, however, is far from permanent. In a statement about the decision, LVMH stated that there are “pending better conditions” to continue production. While hinting at the effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on production and sales, the luxury conglomerate also stated their commitment to Rihanna’s other creative ventures such as her skincare lines Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin as well as her lingerie brand Savage X Fenty

<em>Rihanna and Cara Delevingne at the Savage X Fenty Show<em>

Though this seems like Rihanna will continue to turn heads in the fashion world, it feels important to look back at some looks Fenty Fashion House has created over the years. It’s rare to have designers really change the way we see a garment. For the most part, a pant will always be a pant, a dress will always be a dress, and so on. With Fenty, however, Rihanna and LVMH always seemed to question what garments were and how to transform them into something different.

<em>Photos courtesy of Fentycom<em>

Fenty’s dresses are the perfect example of that: shirts, jackets, and blazers were transformed into dresses with a cinched waist for a flattering silhouette. Their designs always pushed the envelope but were also effective in re-constructing a classic garment that compliments every body type.

With their shoes, Fenty Fashion House seems to question “How many straps are too many straps for one heel?” Ever since its beginning in 2017, most of the brand’s heels feature Rihanna’s now signature staple, making them an iconic Fenty accessory.

Fenty shoes by Rihanna and LVMH. Photos Courtesy of Fenty.com.
<em>Fenty shoes by Rihanna and LVMH Photos Courtesy of Fentycom<em>

Another Fenty staple, sunglasses, go beyond what is expected of them. From neon colors to bizarre shapes that seem to reject all sense of gravity and physics, these sunglasses make a statement even with the simplest of outfits.

Fenty Fashion House will be missed in their indefinite hiatus. Though the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are understandable, Rihanna and LVMH’s fashion luxury collaboration will always be remembered by their out-the-box thinking, their innovative designs, bright colors, and much more.

<em>Fenty sunglasses by Rihanna and LVMH Photos courtesy of Fentycom<em>

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