Saleka debuts “Release” from upcoming movie Trap, Image courtesy of Alexandra Baker

Saleka released her first track “Release” for the highly anticipated film Trap on June 7th. The multi-hyphenate singer will be making her acting debut in the movie, which was directed, written, and produced by her father, M. Night Shyamalan.

Saleka is a Pennsylvania-born singer, songwriter, producer, and pianist. She is known for her incomparable sound due to her influences in classical training, R&B, as well as her Indian heritage.

Following her graduation from Brown University, she created her debut LP Séance, which was met with critical success. NYLON has hailed Saleka as “a figure to watch in the R&B space.” 

Saleka debuts “Release” from upcoming movie Trap. Image courtesy of Alexandra Baker

In Trap, Saleka will portray Lady Raven, a fictional pop star, opposite alongside Oppenheimer’s Josh Hartnett, who plays a doting father taking his teen daughter to a concert only to realize they are caught in a sinister event.

The film takes place in real-time, interwoven within Lady Raven’s thrilling concert set. The inspiration for this concept came from Saleka and M. Night Shyamalan’s shared love for music-centric films. 

Saleka wrote, produced, and performed all 14 tracks for the film while tailoring each track perfectly to the narrative. The tracks range from upbeat pop dance numbers to slow brooding ballads. The vast range showcases Saleka’s classical piano training and her sultry pop-R&B tonality and production.

Trap starring Josh Hartnett and Saleka will be in theaters nationwide on August 9 and internationally beginning on August 7. 

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