Hood By Air – “Morph”

Scion AV
7667 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

May 18 – June 16

The Scion A/V Installation project will bring New York City based fashion label Hood By Air to the west coast for the brands first pop up retail installation. “The partnership between Scion and Hood By Air was a natural step for the cultural strategy we focus on,” explains Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions at Scion, “Scion A/V hosted a concert in Brooklyn with A$AP Rocky. It was during an interview with the rapper that we first began the Hood By Air conversation. It became clear that this would be a perfect partnership to shed light on the work we are doing at Scion and also support these emerging talents across the music and art worlds.”

The Scion A/V Hood By Air pop up exhibition, entitled “MORPH,” will serve as the debut of a capsule luggage concept collection and feature three silicone art objects inspired by hiking luggage, tattooed skin and jewelry piercings as the focal point for the exhibit. On May 18th the Scion A/V Installation space will be transformed into a space reminiscent of a high school locker-room wherein the limited edition products will be sold for the duration of four weeks. Scion A/V has partnered with Hood By Air to produce an entire inventory of limited edition Hood By Air items that will sell within the space, including but not limited to the coveted Hood By Air Classics t-shirt collection in never before seen color-ways, backpacks, posters, water bottles, Emory boards, small accessories and more.

“Scion’s goal is to continually support influential and emerging artists with the opportunities and resources that otherwise might be unavailable to them,” says Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions at Scion, “Hood By Air was a brand we felt would really embody the conceptual retail experience we set out to deliver through this gallery space.”

The Scion A/V Installation is a retail and gallery environment that merges Scion product and lifestyle for the first time by offering consumers the opportunity to test-drive vehicles from the space itself. “Scion A/V Installation is a step in a more interactive direction for the retail gallery,” says Yoshizu, “The focus of the space is affordable artwork, and limited edition products. Adding a test drive component moves Scion and our art initiatives closer to each other than they’ve ever been.”

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