June 9th-12th marked London Fashion Week Men’s 5th anniversary. Names such as Belstaff, John Smedley and Oliver Spencer showcased their looks for Spring/Summer 2018. There were even some new faces to the runway, including Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. This show sets the bar for fashion in the next few months. Look at the trends that were most popular among designers, and find out how you can start to incorporate them into your wardrobe!

Millennial Pink

<em>Oliver Spencer Katie Eary and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy SS18 London Fashion Week Mens images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Millennial pink has made a huge impact on fashion this year. It’s moved away from the feminine touch to give it a new light in both menswear and womenswear. Although the color is predicted to fall out of place in the upcoming year, pink isn’t going anywhere right now. Designers have used shades of rosé and salmon in shoes and jackets throughout their collections. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your outfit, choose a modern pink.


<em>Astrid Anderson Martine Rose and KTZ SS18 at London Fashion Week Mens images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Aside from the bold colors and patterns that popped up all over the runway, another major trend we saw was layering. Designers like Astrid Anderson and Alex Mullins played around with this trend. Layers were even used in non-conventional ways, such as placing longer layers underneath shorter ones. It’s a refreshing look, so don’t be afraid to wear a long dress shirt underneath your bomber next time you’re out for the night!

Tuck It In

<em>Cottweiler Martine Rose and KTZ SS18 at London Fashion Week Mens images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Cropped looks are still fresh, but what about taking your long shirts and tucking them in? This has been demonstrated in past fashion weeks, but the change this year is that T-shirts weren’t the only items tucked in. Hoodies and long sleeves were also spotted being tucked into pants. If you’re feeling like your top has extra fabric at the bottom, tuck it in!

Vertical Stripes

<em>E Tautz Lou Dalton and Topman Design SS18 at London Fashion Week Mens images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Stripes have always been a staple pattern in the fashion world. Designers this season have now taken the stripes and turned it on its side for vertical stripes, from E. Tautz to Topman Design. Thick and thin stripes popped out all over the runway on shirts and pants. If you’re looking to give your style a boxy look, opt for a button-down shirt with vertical stripes to fill out your frame.

Boxy Bottoms

<em>Chalayan Astrid Anderson and Martine Rose SS18 at London Fashion Week Mens images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Pants of all kinds have moved from the tight, leg-gripping look to a boxy flow. Pants and shorts were long and wider all across collections. Of course, these looks incorporated other trends, such as vertical stripes. If you want to add flow to your outfit without wearing a dress, get some inspiration from these looks for a masculine fit with a feminine touch.

Block Colors From Head to Toe

<em>Vivienne Westwood Oliver Spencer and Phoebe English SS18 at London Fashion Week Mens images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Bold, block colors hit the runway in several collections this season. Models dressed in tops and bottoms in matching colors. Colors ranged from jewel colors (found in Phoebe English) to pastels (found in Xander Zhou). It shows that these bold colors are making a bold statement. Find two pieces in the same color for a perfect match!

Want more? Check out these highlights from the entire week.

London Fashion Week’s Men has shown the fashion world what men’s fashion is capable of. From defining styles and looks that influence menswear and womenswear, it’s a must-watch event. Be sure to look out for these styles next spring and summer! Which trends do you think you’ll dare to try?

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