Bloquette-Core girl in NYC
Bloquette-Core girl in NYC, Image via AI, The Untitled Magazine

The 17th edition of the UEFA European Championships is here, or the Euros as everyone calls them. This soccer (or football) tournament is being hosted in Germany, and the group stage is finishing now, meaning that the competition is heating up and teams are about to be eliminated. So, there’s no better time to start hosting watch parties or going to sports bars to watch the matches—and here’s what to wear.


Ever since Bella Hadid started wearing soccer kits with mini skirts, bloquette-core has been all over Gen Z Pinterest. The trend comes from bloke-core, with bloke meaning “man” in British slang. Bloquette-core usually pairs a masculine top with a feminine bottom or has an overall androgynous look—and typically involves a sports jersey. As the name infers, bloquette is similar to coquette fashion in that it’s quite girly: there are lots of braids and bows that contrast cheekily with the oversized jean shorts and men’s soccer kits that are the norm in bloquette-core fashion.

The style emphasizes comfort, making it the perfect choice to wear if you host a party for the Euro 2024 round of 16 starting on June 29th, the quarter-finals on the 5th of July, the semi-finals on July 9th, or the final on the 14th. 

Bloquette-Core, Image via AI, The Untitled Magazine

Bloquette-core is youthful, like its coquette influencers, but can be adapted to fit the wearer’s comfort zone and usual style. After all, it’s practically just a glorified name for wearing sports jerseys with feminine accessories. Its simplicity is its selling point: You can wear whatever makes you comfortable and still participate in the trend. 

Bloquette-Core, Image via AI, The Untitled Magazine

Bloquette-core is a sporty chic style perfect to try out for the euros. It’s versatile and cute, and ideal for any soccer-focused occasion this championship might provide.

See the full schedule of the Euros 2024 below

Euro 2024 Match Schedule

UEFA Euro Schedule 2024

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