Winged Wonder, Courtesy of SYKY

Friday, June 7 marked the first collection for the series “SYKY Drops” from luxury fashion platform SYKY. SYKY Drops will be a monthly release of digital and physical fashion pieces from exciting designers around the world held on the first Friday of every month. This month, it was the innovative fashion technology brand XTENDED iDENTiTY. The collaboration unveils a groundbreaking collection that pushes the boundaries of fashion across mixed realities—but what does that mean?

Digital fashion has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and has its roots in a field not commonly associated with high fashion: gaming. From dress-up games to Fortnite, users have been cultivating a virtual presence and buying clothes for that persona for quite some time, and designers are taking note. Digital fashion today usually takes place in augmented reality, where images can be overlayed digitally onto real photos and videos, in real-time.

Winged Wonders Physical Garment, Courtesy of SYKY

“At XTENDED iDENTiTY, we believe that fashion should push limits and challenge norms. This collaboration with SYKY marks an important moment where digital and physical worlds are converging to redefine luxury. It’s about more than just what you wear every day; it’s about revolutionizing how we
perceive and interact with style.”

– Xing Yunjia, Founder of XTENDED iDENTiTY

SYKY was named one of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Technology Pioneers’ in 2023, the year of its founding, proof of its status as a leader in the luxury fashion-tech sector. Founder Alice Delahunt has experience in luxury fashion as a former executive of both Ralph Lauren and Burberry, and her platform bridges the worlds of fashion and technology. The platform allows designers and collectors to curate, buy, and sell luxury digital collectibles, fostering a new vision of self-expression. At its core, SYKY is a dynamic community that connects passionate individuals from these intersecting fields.

The Xi x SYKY five-piece collection will include both physical and digital versions of Xi luxury fashion designs in a new and exclusive SYKY-blue chrome colorway. There will be five physical designs, and two will have accompanying digital collectibles available to be seen virtually. The new collection reflects SYKY and XTENDED iDENTiTY’s shared goal of extending self-expression beyond the boundaries of today through visionary and avant-garde fashion and design.


Winged Wonders invites its wearer to embody the grace and freedom of the natural world. The captivating custom-fitted 3D-printed garment has an innovative and body-contouring design: the modern little black dress. Winged Wonders also features 1:1 digital wings that unfurl majestically around the wearer and evoke the spirit of fluttering butterflies, soaring birds, and mythical creatures.

Winged Wonders, Courtesy of SYKY

The Butterfly Crown is made to order and requires up to 30 days to craft. With both 1:1 digital and 3-D printed versions, the headpiece is iridescent and shimmering, with otherworldly allure like a butterfly in flight.

The Butterfly Earring curls delicately around the left ear with a romantic winged shape. It is available in the SYKY-exclusive blue chrome in an open edition.

Butterfly Earring, Courtesy of SYKY

Again inspired by the elegance of a flying butterfly, the ethereal design of the Butterfly Candle Holder makes for a stunning, decorative and delicate centerpiece. It too is made-to-order and open edition.

Lastly, the Stem Vase exquisitely fuses nature-inspired design and cutting-edge technology. In XTENDED iDENTiTY’s signature skeletal style, the vase is skillfully crafted to reflect the delicate curve of a flower stem, creating an illusion of flowers springing up from the base. This open-edition vase powerfully juxtaposes the beautiful and the grotesque to create a showstopping piece of home decor.

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