Photo of Carlos Alcaraz for Louis Vuitton by Dan Jackson.
Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

June has been a busy month in the Tennis world and is wrapping up with the Queen’s Club Championships currently being held in West Kensington, London. However, more than just athletes and tennis fans are being swept into tennis-mania: major fashion houses and celebrities have just announced collaborations all centering on the racquet sport.

Carlos Alcaraz x Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has snagged a collaboration with Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, fresh off a victory in the French Open. The Wimbledon ’23 and US Open ’22 champ created a personalized trunk.

“The trunk is filled with amazing memories for me, particularly those of winning my two Grand Slams. I am really proud of what we’ve been able to create together with this collaboration.”

– Carlos Alcaraz

Emphasizing Louis Vuitton’s spirit of travel, the handpainted Malle Vestiaire is a time capsule of Alcaraz’s monumental moments. The creation holds his tennis rackets, iconic sportswear, and a selection of Alcaraz’s personal Louis Vuitton pieces—like the blue Speedy P9 bag that the Men’s Creative Director Pharrell Williams gifted him.

Zendaya x ON

After the April release of Challengers, a romantic sports drama film surrounding three tennis players, star Zendaya is collaborating with sustainable Swiss sportswear brand On. Their new collection “Dream Together” is about the power of community and learning from one another. The co-ed collection features workout wear for all intensities and activities, as long as your club doesn’t require tennis whites! On is known for its running clothes, so many pieces are versatile and made for multiple sports.

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon 2024 on Net-A-Porter.com
Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.com

Ralph Lauren is more than the official outfitter for Team USA during this Olympic cycle; it also has an international presence at Wimbledon. Ralph Lauren has designed the ballperson uniforms, a Wimbledon Collection featuring “iconic Ralph Lauren styles inspired by the world’s best-dressed tournament,” and a line for spectators full of elegant yet modern pieces based on timeless sportswear. There are cable-knit vests with verdant green embroidery, tennis skirts, and high-performance jackets perfect for on or off the court.

Jannik Sinner x Gucci

This is Italian tennis star Jannik Sinner’s third year with the fashion house, and he was the face of their newest campaign “Gucci is a feeling.” He iconically walked off the court at Wimbledon last year carrying the Medium Duffle Bag with Web, and now has a new custom tennis bag designed by Gucci and Head. With a white leather exterior and the classic Gucci green and red striped straps, it’s a perfect blend of sportswear and luxury fashion, and Sinner is set to carry it for the rest of the season.

Macron Clubhouse


Premiering at the Pitti Uomo show is a new venture by Bologna-based sportswear company Macron. Macron outfits more than 90 professional clubs in multiple sports around the globe, and also designs luxury athletic wear and athleisure. Macron Clubhouse is their next move, a clothing line based primarily on the sport, performance, and energy of racquet sports like tennis.

“Macron Clubhouse is a fundamental project for us, conceived to elevate the perception of our brand further, bring the technicality, sophistication and ‘Designed in Bologna’ style that characterises Macron off the field too. … Sport and fashion today are connected in so many ways, and Macron Clubhouse fits perfectly into this context. … With Macron Clubhouse, performance leaves the field and enters everyday life”

– Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron

Macron Clubhouse is meant to embody the concept “beyond performance,” where garments are functional, high-quality, high-performance and innovative for peak wearability during sport and everyday life.

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