<em>Images courtesy of voguecom from the Bottega Veneta Spring 2020 Runway<em>

Each year, of the major fashion houses, a specific handful are particularly successfully in securing a position as one of the “it” brands of that year. This year’s apparent favorite is Bottega Veneta, as seen on celebrities such as Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge and Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara, and Instagram influencers such as Caroline Daur (2 million followers) of carodaur and Danielle Bernstein (2.2 million followers) of weworewhat. With a variety of cult-status pieces, Bottega Veneta had a large presence at fashion weeks internationally. Following closely behind were Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. Of course, of the other major fashion houses, highly regarded brands such as Fendi, Gucci, and Prada were frequently worn and have all created enviable items.

This year, Bottega Veneta is a clear favorite, creating some of the most coveted pieces. The Italian-based fashion house, notable for its “intrecciato weave”, has for a long while been regarded for its timeless elegance and overlooked by the more trend-focused crowd. However, in 2019 that has changed. In what is most likely a result of the hire of a new Creative Director in 2018, Former Director of Ready-to-Wear at Celine, Daniel Lee, the brand has repositioned itself in the fashion world and is now regarded one of the most on-trend labels of the year. According to an article from Vogue, “Reps from one major department store reported that they can’t keep the pieces in stock.” Lee has overseen the brand in generating some of the most in-demand pieces this year, most notably, the bags and shoes which have dominated both New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week street-style. It has been seen on influencers such as founder of blog, Man Repeller (boasting 877 thousand Instagram followers). Some examples of the most popular items from the brand this season are the square toe mules, square toe strappy sandals, pouch bag, chunky boots, and mesh shoes. 

<em>Images Courtesy of wwwfootwearnewscom Left Instagram influencer Caroline Daur 22 million followers wearing the Bottega Veneta strappy square toe sandals Center Featuring the Bottega Veneta square toe mules and Bottega Veneta mini crossbody Right Instagram fashion influencer Aimee Song wearing the Bottega Veneta mesh shoes<em>

Dior is a perpetually elegant brand and has consistently been in high demand but it gained particular momentum in 2018 with the resurgence of Saddle Bag. According to an article by Forbes, “Their consignment resale values are on the rise too: Dior Saddle bags have increased by 89%”. First introduced in the Spring/Summer 2000 collection, and seen on style icons such as the fictional Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, the “Saddle” Bag is having a major comeback. While it was widely seen throughout 2018, and according to Elle, it has remained one of “The best bags of 2019”. The Saddle bag allows customization, a big trend, through the use of a strap, and through different color and material pairings. It comes in multiple sizes and a version can be worn as a belt bag – a trend we are still seeing when it comes to the Saddle Bag.

<em>Left Actress Jennifer Lawrence wearing the Dior Saddle Bag in black with gold hardware Center Featuring the Dior Saddle Bag in White with Gold Hardware and a additional strap Right Model Bella Hadid wearing a vintage Dior Saddle Bag with jean detail<em>

Arguably the most popular designer brand in the world, Louis Vuitton is annually successful. However, their success does not imply that every year it designs the “it” bag. Fortunately for them, this season the Multi Pouchette bag has been a sensation. The Multi Pouchette has made an appearance all over fashion weeks and has been seen on celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid. This bag consists of three pouches and has a thick shoulder strap that comes in either a dusted Rose Clair or Kaki. The bag is currently out of stock on their website, a testament to the high demand. The unconventional bag has deemed Louis Vuitton one of the “it” major fashion houses of 2019. While this is a clear favorite of celebrities, the bag has been a hit with Instagram fashion influencers as well.

<em>Left Model Hailey Baldwin wearing the Louis Vuitton Multi Pouchette bag in Rose Clair Center Model Gigi Hadid wearing the Louis Vuitton Multi Pouchette Bag in Rose Clair Right Singer Fashion Designer and Businesswoman Rihanna wearing the Louis Vuitton Multi Pouchette Bag in Kaki<em>


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