New York Fashion Week is a whirlwind of glamorous clothing, stunning runway shows, and photographers looking out for cutting edge street style. Next week, the madness will begin and fashionistas from around the world will flock to the Big Apple to get their preview of what this coming Spring will bring in regards to fashion, accessory, and beauty trends. Amidst the chaos, we sometimes forget essential tips and tricks to get through this week of mayhem. The Untitled Magazine has compiled a list of the top ten tips that are necessary to get through fashion week and maintain your sanity!


  • MAP YOUR TRAVELS! Transportation in New York City is stressful on a normal day, but throwing yourself into the mix during Fashion Week can prove to be even more trying than usual. Think ahead and plan your route for getting to and from shows in order to get where you need to be on time! Apps such as Uber and HopStop can help in cutting your travel time in half.


  • PREPARE FOR TOUCHUPS! Areas surrounding Lincoln Center are booming with photographers – both professional and amateur – eager to take photos of stylish Fashion Week attendees. One of the worst feelings is seeing a photo of yourself online with melting makeup! Prepare for this by packing essentials in your bag such as matte powder, lipstick, and mascara for touchups throughout the day.


  • RECHARGE! The moment of panic when you’re in the middle of uploading a photo of yourself sitting front row to Instagram and your phone dies is horrible. How will everyone know that you’re close enough to touch the runway?! Always prepare for the worst and pack your phone charger with you. Lincoln Center provides charging stations for this reason, but there is almost always a line. The easiest way to charge your phone is to pick up a charging case like this one by Kate Spade. Not only can you charge your phone when it’s not in use, but you won’t have to wait in lines!


  • CARRY YOUR INVITES! After having accomplished making it to the tents in one piece, it would be extremely devastating to realize that you left your invitations at home. Again, thinking ahead is always key to maintaining a smooth Fashion Week! Our advice? Not only should you download your barcodes from your invitations onto your phone, but you should carry an envelope clutch with you to carry all of your invitations. Envelope clutches contain enough room for everything that you need for the day, as well as make it possible to keep your invitations in pristine, uncreased condition.


  • BE AN OVERACHIEVER! Call us anal retentive if you must, but there is nothing easier than laying your plans out into a concise, easy-to-read format. Apps such as Planner Plus on your phone can help you create a daily itinerary of which shows you’re attending, what time they are, and where you will be sitting. This helps to reduce the stress of scrambling through your invites on the sidewalk to see where you’re supposed to be!


  • DRESS TO IMPRESS! Take the opportunity to use Fashion Week as the one week this year when you allow yourself to dress however you want. If your typical day-to-day attire is leaning more towards drab than fab, kick it up a notch! Bloggers live to post photos of eccentric looks, so don’t miss your opportunity to make the headlines. If you’re looking to stock up on new pieces, make sure to check out Net-a-Porter for your last minute fashion week essentials, as they carry the newest, most lustworthy designer clothing on the market and can do same day deliveries in Manhattan.


  • BRING A PAIR OF FLATS! Fashion Week requires a lot of footwork, meaning that you will more than likely be soaking your feet after a week of running to and from shows. Nip the pain in the bud and pack a pair of flats in your bag before heading out the door in the morning. Many different companies have created flats that actually roll up, making it easier to fit them into compact places. Yosi Samra is one designer who knows the struggle of running around, and has created a pair of chic, foldable flats at an affordable price. Pick up a pair here!


  • STAY HYDRATED! Drinking water throughout the day is completely necessary to keep you going! Sure, coffee in the morning is fine, but maintaining your water intake throughout the day will keep you hydrated and also keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant! Keep in mind that the beginning of September is very hit or miss when it comes to predicting the weather forecast – some days the summer weather comes out to play, while other days the humidity can overpower you.


  • WATCH YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE! Cocktails during the day at all those champagne presentations may seem like a good idea in theory, but the reality is that drinking during the early hours of the day will slow you down. Limit your alcohol intake so that you have energy to make it through the shows and into the night for the round of fashion week events!


  • THINK OF THE AFTER-PARTY! In relation to the above point, make sure that whatever you put on in the morning can transition into the night. Accessories have the ability dress any outfit up and make you look as glamorous as possible without trying too hard. You can carry accessories in your bag to add to your daytime outfit once the nighttime parties take off. As Iris Apfel once put it, “More is more and less is a bore.”

Now that you’re prepared for a week of luxury, fashion, and excitement, stay tuned for our full coverage of New York Fashion Week! We’ll be highlighting trends from the runway via twitter and instagram, as well as posting our favorite collections online.


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