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With the winter holidays approaching, the one word we’re all thinking of is vacation. Whether you’re looking to go somewhere that resembles a real-life snow globe, or you want to get away from the cold and soak in the sun, take advantage of the various deals that are currently going. Save up to 50% off for your Thanksgiving travels, and save up to 20% off of hotels for your winter holidays. Click here to book your vacation now, and be sure to see what discounts airlines like Virgin Airlines are offering for this winter. If you’re headed for somewhere sunny, be sure to have a readily-stocked suitcase full of bikinis and flowy beach dresses! From Diane Von Furstenberg to Michael Kors, click here to shop for your winter travels.

Still not quite sure where you’ll be this winter? The Untitled Magazine has picked out our top getaway destinations for this winter, which includes Miami, Vail, London, Sydney and more, along with exclusive discounts on airfare and lodging. Check out the list below.



Miami, Florida

Get away from the cold and travel to Miami, Florida where the average climate in the winter is around 75 degrees fahrenheit. Although Miami doesn’t see snow over the winter holidays, that doesn’t mean the city isn’t as festive as other places. As winter rolls around, the city opens outdoor iceskating rinks and “Santa’s Enchanted Forest,” the world’s largest Christmas theme park. A city known for its colorful nightlife and beautiful beaches, Miami is the perfect place to go to for a little sun in the middle of December. Book a trip to Miami and save up to 50% off hotels now.


Vail, Colorado

Home to the second largest single mountain ski resort in the United States, every winter people from all over the world travel to Vail to take advantage of the Vail Mountain slopes. As one of the world’s most popular skiing sites, Vail’s year-round population is actually quite small in size, which adds to the small village charm of the town. Save up to 50% on a ski getaway hotel and book your trip to Vail now!


Reykjavík, Iceland

While Iceland’s winter months only see up to four hours of light a day, visiting Iceland in the winter might be the best time of year to visit. The country is home to the Blue Lagoons, a geothermal spa located in a lava field that remains at about 98-100 degrees fahrenheit year round–a fantastic combo of winter snow and warmth! In addition to the Blue Lagoons, you can see the Northern Lights from Iceland. The Northern Lights are when colors illuminate the sky, as a result of particles in the Earth’s atmosphere colliding with charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere. Book your weekend to Iceland now!

quebec city

Québec City, Canada

With an annual Winter Carnival that takes place in the heart of Quebec City each December, the French Canadian metropolis is also one of the world’s more festive places in the winter. A quaint combination of both old european and modern architecture, Quebec’s backdrop lights up for a magical celebration over the holidays. When December arrives, christmas markets will open their doors and the Grande Allée will transform into a dance floor for the people of Québec. Start planning for your trip to Quebec – click here to save up to 20% on hotels.


Tulum, Mexico

With its sandy white beaches and cerulean blue waters, Tulum is one of the most visited beaches in Mexico. As one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayas, Tulum is not just a beautiful place to visit, but is also full of history. So why not travel to Tulum to soak up some sun and learn a thing or two about the Mayan empire? Click here and book your hotel for Tulum.


London, UK

Bundle up and head to London to see one of the world’s most famous fireworks display. The annual New Year’s Eve show happens at the London Eye over the River Thames, and boasts a spectacular variety of patterns and images that light up the sky. London has a vibrant and rich nightlife, so there’s no having to question what to do after the show. Take advantage of the low fares from Virgin Atlantic for trips to London this winter – click here to book your trip now.


Paris, France

What better place is there to spend Christmas than in the city of lights, itself? As the city’s trees, storefronts, and apartment townhouses put up their fluorescent lights for the holiday season, go ice iceskating at the outdoor rink outside the Hôtel de Ville (city hall) or find an artisanal gift for a loved one at one of the many Christmas markets that line the city’s streets and squares. Book your trip and find lodging in Paris for a discounted price – click here for details.


Edinburgh, UK

For a more cozy vacation, spend your holidays in Edinburgh, Scotland. With its old medieval architecture, once December rolls around, the Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh will open up to the public with arts and craft activities for everyone to enjoy. We also can’t forget the Hogmanay celebrations which begins with a torchlight ceremony following Christmas. Look for airfare to Edinburgh and book your hotel now for a discounted price.

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Sydney, Australia 

For a complete change of scenery, travel down under, where Santa Claus wears a pair of swimming trunks instead of a big red suit. While December and January might be considered winter for all of us in the Northern hemisphere, Australia sees these months as the beginning to their summer season. They say spending Christmas in Sydney is an unforgettable experience, so click here and book your trip to Australia now.



Relax this winter and take a trip to Barbados, where the art of fine living is priority for its natives. From snorkeling the Caribbean seas to dining and dancing all night under the moon, Barbados is a great getaway place for anyone who is looking to escape the grimness of cold winters. Slow down and enjoy the breath-taking beaches Barbados has to offer. Click here and book your stay in Barbados now.


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