<em>Backstage at Paul Smith SS 18 image courtesy of Paul Smith<em>

The reveal of Spring/Summer ’18 Menswear has finally concluded. From shows in cities such as London, Milan and Paris, designers have put out their best looks to showcase what we can look forward to seeing next spring season. Here are the biggest trends we saw emerging from the collections!

Monotone Suits

<em>Alexander McQueen Moschino and Prada SS 18 Menswear collections images courtesy of Vogue<em>

We saw block colors hitting the runway during London Fashion Week Spring ’18, and in subsequent cities such as Milan and Paris, we saw the trend cross over into suiting. Prada left the suit unbuttoned to show the layering underneath to break up the colors for a casual work look. You can also go for a disco cowboy look with a bedazzled suit. Either way, matching the colors of your suit is the new thing to try at the office or on a night out!


<em>Kenzo Prada and Versace SS 18 Menswear collections images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Now high-waists are not just popular in womenswear, designers are pushing the look into menswear. Pants are now sitting higher on male bodies with shirts being tucked into the waist of them. This is also allowing for more creativity with belts of different styles, like the printed belt worn above for Prada. Pants were either kept a straight, slim fit (as pictured about with Versace) or a baggy fit (as seen from Kenzo).


<em>Prada Ralph Lauren and Topman Design SS 18 Menswear Collections images courtesy of Vogue<em>

 A new twist on workwear for men is jumpsuits! They are easy to layer for anyone; Prada chose a blue button-down to wear underneath the basic khaki color of their jumpsuit. Designs were also sporty (as seen in Ralph Lauren) to intricate patterns (as seen in Topman Design). It’s a quick and fashionable choice when heading out for the day!

Hawaiian Prints

<em>Louis Vuitton Perry Ellis and Paul Smith SS 18 Menswear Collections images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Tropical vibes have hit big with these collections. Designers have taken the tacky tourist pattern and revamped it for the runway. Louis Vuitton kept the bright colors of the shirt and paired it under a beige trench coat to give it an everyday classic look. Perry Ellis gave us a twist and put palm trees on the shorts. The darker colors used in Paul Smith’s collection were a favorite!

Rain Coats

<em>Giorgio Armani Patrik Ervell and Raf Simons SS 18 Menswear collections images courtesy of Vogue<em>

Designers alike seemed to put thought into what people would wear over the looks featured, so they made it easier and created pieces for their collections. Raf Simons had his entire line walk down a wet runway in rain coats. Nylon of different colors featured in a Patrik Ervell jacket gave us a ’90s throwback. We know that you’ll be covered in style during the cold and rainy parts of next spring.

Female Models

<em>Balmain John Elliott and Martine Rose SS 18 Menswear collections images courtesy of Vogue<em>

This isn’t a trend to wear, but it’s interesting to see this new play on menswear. More and more designers are bringing female models onto the runway to showcase their collections. While most models wore feminine looks, such as Balmain above, there were some that wore similar looks to their male counterparts. John Elliott had his models’ hair slicked back to give them a more masculine look. This increase in gender neutrality is paving the way for more androgynous fashion being readily available by top designers.

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