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‘80s throwback is in, just ask up-and-coming international electropop singer Regulus Red. The half Welsh, half Italian artist takes huge inspiration from the over-the-top energy and colors of the era, and infuses it all with an unabashed sense of self and authenticity. Uniquely international and unapologetically extravagant, Red is not afraid to throw out the rulebook of the pop star persona and replace it with his own gender-bending guidelines. Exuding masculine and feminine energy in equal parts, Regulus Red’s music is by queer, for queer.   

With an eye for high fashion and love of the avant garde, Red’s music videos drip with erotic energy and sex positivity. His debut singles “Ghoster” and “High Price,” released earlier this year, combine pulse-pounding modern beats with old school sensibility, all wrapped up in his much loved topics of romance and reckless abandon.

We had a chat with the emerging artist to talk fashion, body positivity, and his new single “All To Himself.” Check out the full exclusive interview below.

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Where did the name Regulus Red come from?

Regulus means small king/young prince in Latin. Latin fascinates me and I really like the image of this elegant, royal figure; it resonates with me. “Red” because it is one of my favourite colours: the hue of passion and love, but also the colour of blood.

You are a very multicultural person. You’re half Welsh and half Italian, wrote music in Spain, and speak four languages. How does that internationalism manifest in your music persona? 

Well, from a young age I was taught both Italian and English, also my studies were in Linguistics. Every language can tell unique stories. My music is mainly English-based but I am releasing a mixtape with a Spanish song in it and I honestly can’t wait to write in my other native language (or French: Edith!!!!) 

What’s your favorite country or city to visit for its queer culture and why?

Berlin has a big place in my heart: the queer community there is so eclectic, there’s so much art and many secret places to explore. I would love to perform there one day!


All your music videos, album covers, and social media have a strong fashion element to them. How would you describe your fashion aesthetic, and how does your look relate to your music?  

I like to quote my favourite person with this: “looking good, I’m feeling fine.” Fashion to me is a personal statement. Whenever I feel comfortable and inspired by what I’m wearing, I know it’s going to be a good day. Life is too short to be wearing dull clothes, don’t you think?  

What was the writing process like for your newest single, “All for Himself”

It took me a couple of hours to write the whole song and then the production was done in around 2 days give or take. It was painful to connect to the truth behind the song (neglect and redemption), but as soon as I heard the finished product, I knew that this song would stay with me forever. I keep dancing to it feeling so free.

“All for Himself” seems very ‘80s inspired. What about the 80’s speaks to you musically?

It is very inspired by the ‘80s! Well, I’d say the use of the synth. The energy of the ’80s was huge. There was a will to be seen and be heard, with so many colours. Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna, I mean the list is endless! 


Your visual persona is very erotic. What role does sex play in your music? 

Ah! I like this question, and I take the word erotic as a big compliment. I’ve always been in touch with my body and my sexuality in general. I feel free in my body and I try to love it as much as I daily can. Sex is music and music is love and love is sex. “Sex can be fun, don’t you think, you pretty eyes?”

LGBTQ+ culture and gender-bending is clearly very important to your work, how much would you say your queer identity plays a part in your music? 

My music is queer music. Every single thing I have made and created in my whole life is a direct result of my experience as a bisexual individual. The word ‘gender-bending’ makes me so happy. It is powerful, and it’s a narrative I want to keep using for every fan out there who might be feeling in need of such inspiration. We are all queer I like to believe.

Are there any other queer artists you would love to collaborate with?

Oh my god, so many: give me Troye Sivan, give me MIKA with a bit of Stromae and a lot of Robyn. 

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Your bio mentions that Edith Piaf is very close to your heart. Why is that?

Yes, her life was the most beautiful and inspiring story ever yet it was also the most tragic one. I see poetry in the misery that she had to go through and I believe me and Edith have a very similar soul. The way she sang about love is exactly the way I express love…explosive, harrowing.

Your motto is “Inspiration does exist. But it must find you working.” Can you elaborate on that? 

Yes, I haven’t stopped working for one second over the past two years; I have been building my career from scratch. I truly believe in the power of inspiration… she is not always present but when she does appear, she wants to see me in front of my piano or my laptop, vomiting the words and the melodies. Else, she disappears with no apologies.

You’re very active on social media. Favorite TikTok dance challenge? 

Big fan of J.LO, tried doing her dances but needed more practice ahah!!

Regulus Red’s Debut EP, “Red Prince of the Night”, comes out in August, 2020. Find Red’s music on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud, and follow him on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook


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