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Swedish quintet Urban Cone has dropped a music video for “Sadness Disease,” their first single off the band’s forthcoming full-length album due out next year. “Sadness Disease” approaches the ongoing dialogue of trying to live up to society’s impossible standards of beauty and perfection. The result? A catchy synth-pop dance track that has some seriously dark undertones.

“‘Sadness Disease’ is about the psychological damage of trying to attain the idealized version of beauty and perfection that exists today,” explains singer Emil Gustafsson. “It’s something that both men and women experience, and it’s not real, it’s not possible.”

“In Sweden, where we come from, it’s dark so much of the year–cold too. It affects your experience of the world in many ways…If you listen to the lyrics of our music,” the band’s keyboardist and singer Rasmus Flyckt says. “They’re quite dark. It’s serious music that’s made for dancing.”

In addition to ‘Sadness Disease,” the double-A-side single also features Urban Cone’s live studio cover of Porter Robinson‘s “Lionhearted” (the band did the vocals for Porter’s version of the track). Watch the

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