Created by Sophia Deininger
Featuring Katherine Anne
Cinematography and Music by Sophia Deininger
Styling by Sophia Deininger & Katherine Martinez
Photography and Lighting by Nicolas Delgado & Daniel Munoz
Automenagerie (3:59) was created by Sophia Deininger and features Katherine Anne. The conceptual video is a study in self-reflection and alter ego, based on the concept of looking into a box to see your true self. Cinematography and music by Sophia Deininger, with lighting by Nicolas Delgado and Daniel Munoz.
Sophia Deininger
Sophia Deininger is an artist currently based in Los Angeles. Having lived in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, New York, and Berlin, she has a cosmopolitan outlook. She studied Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco and has been continuing her education in video, fine art, costume and design since. Traveling, exploring and learning in different cultures, inside and outside the US, has broadened her knowledge and artistic views.
Sophia works in a variety of media and mixed media, including photography, video, film, screen-printing, music, fashion, painting, design and collage. She finds it natural to assert her perception of her own relationship to the world through the use of a visual medium, within an artistic context. She draws much of her inspiration from dramatic stimulus, and the dichotomy between the conscious and subconscious realms of existence and performance. Her art conceptualizes the idea of self through the creation and re-creation of characters and environments. Much of her work depicts the human body as a mediated surface for the projection of images and the production of images. Through these representations and portraits she aims to re-appropriate identity and individuality.
Katherine Martinez
Katherine has lived as a server, copy editor, copywriter, model, literature student, year abroad kid, graphic designer, photographer, press relations coordinator, pursuant of travel and adventure, screenwriter, production assistant, dreamer, set coordinator, artcamp teacher, band merchandise distributor, blogger, movie reviewer and barista in Brighton Beach, London, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Santa Cruz, Palm Springs, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, San Francisco, Mexico, and Hong Kong; she has yet to decide if any of the previous titles or places will ever be permanent.
Her passion is centered on visual storytelling.  She is currently finishing a screenplay that will begin production in January with Sophia Deininger as co-director.  She is also in the process of applying for her MA in Broadcasting as a successor to a BA in Modern Literature from University of California, Santa Cruz.
Nicolas Delgado

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