Caroline Wayne, Compulsion to Heal, 2019. Image courtesy of A.I.R Gallery.

Caroline Wayne: Grown Cyclone
On view: November 15th- December 22nd, 2019
A.I.R Gallery, NYC
155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brooklyn based artist and essayist Caroline Wayne brings a fresh approach to healing from abuse in an immersive solo exhibit, “Grown Cyclone.” The collection is on view at A.I.R Gallery beginning November 15th through the end of December. Each piece, from the smaller embroidered sculptures to the wall drawings, shows the depth of psychological trauma that comes from being physically abused. Wayne uses pearls, beads, sequins, and a variety of colors to show how complicated the process of healing is for those who’ve survived sexual assault at a young age. Each sculpture is circular, which reflects the artist’s cyclical sexual exploits that all revolved around her father. Viewers can’t doubt that the pieces are beautiful, but it’s apparent that beauty came from intense effort and concentration on the artist’s part. The whole exhibit reflects the psychological pain the artist had to endure as she came to terms with her past to be able to navigate her future with beauty and grace.

Wayne’s work is anything but subtle. The electric yellow, hot pink, and fiery reds in some pieces demand attention, while the plethora of intricate details from the embroidery keeps you thoughtfully engaged. The art reflects Wayne’s traumatic sexual experiences. Sexual assault is not something the victim can turn away from, no matter how much time has passed. Wayne was first molested by her father when she was still in diapers, and she carried all of the negative emotions and thoughts from that experience into adulthood. Her exhibit is a way of showing the world “the pain may lay not in the traumatic event itself but in the way one has to navigate their world for a lifetime after,” according to A.I.R Gallery.

In addition to the exhibit, Wayne’s book of the same title as the art collection will be on display and available for purchase. An artist’s reception will be from 6-8 PM on November 15th.

Caroline Wayne, Holding Pattern, 2019. Image courtesy of A.I.R Gallery.




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