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The 3rd edition of Day For Night, a music and arts festival and summit, takes place December 15-17 in Houston, Texas. This year’s lineup will include musicians like Nine Inch Nails, Tyler, The Creator, James Blake, Solange, Cardi B, Pussy Riot, Cashmere Cat, and so many others. Day for Night 2017 feature very diverse bunch of visual creators from around the world. Their art ranges from from sculpting to coding to engineering. Some artists featured include multimedia artist Ryoji Ikeda, laser light artist Matthew Schreiber, Conditional Studio + Processing Foundation, sculptor Theodore Fivel, and more.

“With the 2017 edition of Day for Night, we continue combining well-established and internationally acclaimed artists with emerging talent from around the world. We are also pushing forward with our mission to bring a better understanding of new media practices by introducing more educational components. Finally, this year’s edition will continue to showcase collaborations between artists and musicians, with performances within installations, thus sharpening our focus on the merging waters of light, sound and space,” – Day for Night Curator Alex Czetwertynski.

Photo Courtesy of Day For Night

What separates this festival from any other music and arts festivals is the summit, which is only on Friday night. At the summit you’ll find music, visual exhibits, but most uniquely, four prominent activists will share their thoughts on the relationship between art, technology, and activism. Speakers will include government transparency and LGBTQ advocate Chelsea Manning, visual artist and musician Laurie Anderson, musician, conceptual artist, and political activist Nadya Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot), and Los Angeles-based artist Lauren McCarthy. Day for Night has committed a portion of its proceeds to go to the Greater Houston Community Foundation towards hurricane relief efforts.

 “The Day for Night Summit is a massive platform for exchanging ideas about how art and technology is changing our world. Every day there is less and less separation between musicians, activists, and audiences. At the Day for Night Summit, we will all be participants in shaping our collective future,” – Friday Summit curator Karen Farber

Check out the line up for the festival at https://dayfornight.io/lineup/


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