Ines Tazi, Credit: Ben Cope

Activist, entrepreneur, and breakout star of Netflix’s Perfect Match Ines Tazi wants to make one thing clear: she doesn’t fit into any singular box. At only 26 years old, her history has proven it – Tazi began partnering with NGOs in support of single mothers in her home country of Morocco at the age of 15. Since then, she’s gone to school for Political Economics, studied acting at one of Paris’ most prestigious drama schools, and gained an international following as a reality television star.

Perfect Match made a splash for its roster of popular contestants from binge-ready franchises, including Love Is Blind and The Circle. Hailing from The Circle’s French iteration, Tazi opted to walk away as soon as as it became clear to her that her “perfect match” wasn’t among her cast mates. Her unconventionally empowered exit cemented her status as a fan-favorite, and now, her sights are set on cultivating her creative passions and business endeavors without compromise.

The Untitled Magazine caught up with Tazi to talk everything that led up to Perfect Match, her time on the series, and the big plans she has for herself going forward. Read our interview with Inez Tazi below.

Ines Tazi, Credit: Ben Cope

Before you worked in front of the camera, you worked with NGOs supporting single mothers in Morocco from the age of 15. What motivated you to get involved at such a young age? Can you share more about the experience?

As a child growing up in Morocco in a family of strong women, I became aware of the discourse surrounding single motherhood, parenting, and education in Morocco early on. Understanding how society operated around me became a priority, and I strongly believe that supporting single mothers is vital in the fight for gender equality. It’s essential to have open and honest discussions about the marginalization, social stigmatization, and legal discrimination that many single mothers face, both in Morocco and globally. I am proud to be a part of INSAF’s journey to empower the voices and battles of women who did not have the opportunity that I had.

After going to school for Political Economics, you attended Cours Florent in Paris to study acting. What inspired the shift to the dramatic arts? Had you always wanted to act?

I’ve always been captivated by the magic of theatre, and I enrolled in classes at a young age. Even as I pursued my undergraduate degree in Political Science, my passion for acting remained. Balancing my dual interests was a challenge, but after graduating, I worked on my first business and decided to take theatre classes in Paris to see if the passion was really still there. Through trial and error, I eventually discovered how to combine my passions – understanding that you don’t always have to find compromise between passions and engagement.

Do you find that your acting education is helpful in the reality TV arena? If so, how?

It is not easy speaking in front of so many cameras and knowing so many people will see the show, and my acting education definitely gave me a little more confidence. I think understanding space and time better helps, but nothing is scripted. [They are] two very distinct jobs. Certain actors that I know are the most shy people in public and would have never been able to stay in front of a camera being themselves on an unscripted show, and vice versa!

Ines Tazi, Credit: Ben Cope

Your latest series, Netflix’s Perfect Match, is currently airing. How did that experience compare to being on The Circle?

The experiences were completely different. During The Circle, I was physically isolated, and all communication was through social media, which was the main point of the game. I am far from being alone in Perfect Match. Speaking and flirting in English on TV was also a whole new challenge too! I think all in all, making yourself vulnerable on TV when it comes to love was incomparably challenging!

Can you share some highlights from your time on set for Netflix’s Perfect Match?

Who knew you could form such deep connections in such a short time on TV? And here I am bonding with people I’ve never met before in a matter of hours! I think the main highlights have been meeting friends like Anne-Sophie, Chloe, Abbey and Dom! It is such a unique experience to bond so strongly with people I would have never met if it wasn’t for Netflix!

Do you do a lot of preparation for filming days, or is it more about letting things happen in the moment when the camera’s rolling?

It is kind of “the management of spontaneity.” I think it’s important that most of the work be done ahead of filming. Feeling mentally, physically and emotionally strong helps immensely. Especially since you [don’t] have time to reset when you film, finding a small five minutes of meditation and reminding myself of small things whilst filming is what allows me to anchor myself and give spontaneity without forgetting who I am.

Where do you see yourself going next with your acting – do you want to stay in the reality arena, or are you thinking about dramatic roles in the future? What would be your dream acting gig?

Acting in a movie or TV series is definitely a dream of mine and has been for many years! Although I don’t have a particular dream role in mind, I must admit that I am particularly interested in learning to understand and [portray] different roles and stories of women and the challenges some women faced that I did not necessarily go through in my young adult life.

However, since I was young, I’ve dreamed of being in a classic period drama – something very cliche, but you can blame it on all of Keira Knightley’s incredible performances in period dramas ever since I was a kid. Just putting it out there, [in case] anyone is looking.

Ines Tazi, Credit: Ben Cope

You’re the founder of the personal care platform Skult. In your own words, how would you describe it? What inspired you to start it?

I am going to keep it short because we had to postpone Skult’s launch, and there are still so many things up in the air. However, when I settled in London, my skin went crazy due to pollution and fast-paced city life. It made me question my own self-care routine and why I have been spending so much time on trying to find the next skin product while never really thinking about what my skin needed. Growing up with the Moroccan Hammam bathing culture, everything clicked when I visited Japan and saw their simplified, yet scientifically-backed and holistic approach to beauty. I merged these two self-care methodologies, teamed up with skin experts and dermatologists, and developed a straightforward, innovative, and universally usable tool for everyday cleansing, along with a line of affordable, eco-friendly, and effective skincare products. Keep an eye out!

What are some of the goals you have for the platform and Skult?

Skult is my passion project aimed at changing the way people care for their skin. I truly believe in the concept of profit with purpose and want to make high-quality self-care accessible to everyone. Our time has been spent working tirelessly to ensure that our products are ethically made and sustainable. The recent global changes have caused some delays, but we refuse to compromise on our values, ethics, and sustainability.

You have a lot going on between your television projects, entrepreneurial, and your activism. Do you have a main focus at the moment?

My life is like a circus right now with so many things happening at once! Since the last episodes of the show dropped, the response from the public has been better than anything I could’ve imagined. As I navigate my new life in LA – professional and personal life – whilst not forgetting my long term goals, my main focus is to learn how to do all of it whilst prioritizing my mental health and my creativity, which is at the heart of everything I do.

What’s next for you? Any other exciting projects on the horizon you can share?

I have a lot of exciting projects in the works: podcasts, films, business projects… I love working in different industries and stepping out of my comfort zone. I like the idea that you can tick many boxes without fitting into one. I am addicted to the feeling that you can always learn, better, or reinvent yourself!

For more from Ines, follow her on Instagram.

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