Created by Sean Capone
Featuring Patsy Fabulous
Music by Archy & Mehitabel
Camera Operator Nika Offenbac
Memory Screens – The Blue We Breathe (6:50) was created by contemporary artist Sean Capone and features Patsy Fabulous. Exploring themes of revelation, sexuality and exploration, the video art production takes the viewer into a new world. The artist used excerpts from his Field Transitions | Memory Screens installation and customized them for the Voyeur Issue of XXXX Magazine. Music by Archy & Mehitabel.
Sean Capone
Sean Capone is a video installation artist based in New York City. He received his MFA from the school of the art institute of Chicago, and has been working with digital moving imagery for the past 20 years as both artist and designer. His work uses large-scale animated projections to examine the social space created at the intersection of media and the built environment.
Sean’s work has been exhibited in museums, festivals, and public art contexts internationally. He is the recent recipient of the grand prize for public art for his installation produced for the Dumbo Arts Festival, and was officially recognized by American for the arts’ public art network for their 2010 year in review.
Archy & Mehitabel
Archy & Mehitabel (Alex Horwitz & Lee Waters) write, perform, and produce music and video work from their home studio in New York City. They make their videos there too. It’s a lovely place to visit. Alexander is a classically trained composer and music theorist. He’s not bad with orchestration either, but he’s no Rimsky –Korsakov. Lee speaks several unusual languages and lived in Siberia for a while because of it. They record primarily with Neumann microphones; Harpsichord parts are played on an instrument by Zuckerman. Piano parts are played on a Steinway Model B. Lee’s voice is known in classical circles as “Basso Cantante”, an extremely low register with unusual flexibility and sweetness. Alexander’s mother is herself and accomplished pianist although these days rides horse most of the time. She calls often. Although both are from the same area of the middle of nowhere, Alexander and Lee didn’t meet until they were living in a derelict industrial park in Brooklyn, NY.

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