<i>Theodora Richards Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine Theodoras skin is prepped with <a href=httpsogeecomproductsorganic anti aging hydrating serum with jojoba oil target= blank rel=noopener>Ogees Seeds of Youth Serum and Jojoba Glow Face Oil<a> and she wears a coat by <a href=httpswww31philliplimcom target= blank rel=noopener>31 Phillip Lim<a><i>

Manhattan-born-and-raised It girl,  Theodora Richards, landed a new gig as the host of her own SiriusXM radio show- OFF THE CUFF (channel 28) -where she chats all things music. As the daughter of Rolling Stone’s legend Keith Richards, she knows a thing or two about being a rockstar. In a candid interview with Tina Turnbow, Richards discusses sharing clothes and makeup with her parents (yes, even with her dad), how they both influence her own style, and dietary tips to keep a dewy complexion.

Tune in to her show and check out our chat for more on this intriguing female force.

<i>Theodora Richards Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine Theodora wears a jumpsuit by <a href=httpswwwiropariscomushome target= blank rel=noopener>IRO<a><i>

Tina: Can you share your New Year beauty list of what you’ll be keeping, eliminating, and/or trying out?
Theodora: I’ll be trying out the skincare line 112 from London. I love the blemish gel they have. I got so used to the drying lotion from Mario Badescu that I have to take a break because I don’t have acne but I do get spots from time to time that are mean and massive and singular. So rather than dry them and cause it to be harder to get rid of when they don’t want to go away, the gel is a nice relief because it’s preventative and medicinal.

<i>Theodora Richards Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<i>

Do you have any go-to detoxing methods to get a fresh start?
I love trying to eat really fresh and clean foods after indulging for a month in junk foods. So a lot of vegetables and fish and water!

Are there any products, treatments or facials you especially love to give your skin that beautiful glow?
I’ve always loved the Tracie Martyn facials because they rejuvenate the face as well as giving it a really good clean, without stripping your skin. I also love my dermatologist Dr. Ellen Gendler, who just makes sure that I have no sun damage and when I have a pimple that is out of control, she makes sure I don’t scar!

<i>Theodora Richards Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine Theodora wears a dress by <a href=httpwwwtibicom target= blank rel=noopener>Tibi<a><i>

Is there any beauty or health wisdom your gorgeous mom has instilled in you that you might share?
Don’t pick your skin! Drink lots and lots of water. Eat well, sleep well. Use as little of all the products ( that I tend to buy lots of ) because a little goes a long way. And laugh and be happy. Happy wrinkles are the best kind.

<em>Theodora Richards Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine Theodora wears <a href=httpsogeecomsearchtype=productq=lip+oil target= blank rel=noopener>Ogees Sculpted Lip Oil in Gardenia on her eyes and <a><em>cheeks<em><a href=httpsogeecomsearchtype=productq=lip+oil> and mixed with Dahlia on her lip<a><em>

In a pinch have you ever borrowed you dad’s black eyeliner?! Does he use traditional Indian Kohl? Would you say he and your mom are your top style icons?
Yes, yes and yes.

Finally, do you have any 2019 wish-list guests for your Sirius talk show?
Yes loads!!!!!! If I could keep this job forever I’d keep on coming up with people — musicians, artists, photographers, movers and shakers — that I’d love to talk to because I love talking to new people, especially creative types. It’s incredibly inspiring.

<i>Theodora Richards Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine Theodoras lips are adorned with <a href=httpsogeecomproductscamellia target= blank rel=noopener>Ogees Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil in Azalea<a> and she wears a black leather dress by <a href=httpswwwiropariscomushome target= blank rel=noopener>IRO<a><i>

Photography and Makeup using Ogee by Tina Turnbow
Styling: Cat Pope
Hair: Matthew Monzon using IGK @tmgla

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