Pat McGrath Labs x The Met Adorned Short-Sleeve Tee.

Pat McGrath started off her career in the 90s and is now the most influential makeup artist in the world. Having worked with the industry’s biggest names such as McQueen and Galliano, she has carved her signature all over major fashion editorials and shows; and now she’s bringing her craft into the art world.
McGrath just unveiled her second-ever collaboration with the Museum of Metropolitan Art. Following the success of her first makeup line for the “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination” exhibit, a second one is in the brews. The second collaboration draws inspiration from “Jewelry: the body transformed” which will open this November at the Met. The limited-edition line called “Adorned,”  features exclusive packaging by collaging eight key pieces in the exhibition, such as A 13th-century arm reliquary.

Pat McGrath Labs x The Met LUST: Gloss ‘ALIENGELIC’ Lip Gloss.

What is jewelry? Why do we wear it? What meanings does it carry? Traversing time and space, this exhibition explores how jewelry acts upon and activates the body it adorns. This global conversation about one of the most personal and universal of art forms brings together some 230 objects drawn almost exclusively from The Met collection. A dazzling array of headdresses and ear ornaments, brooches and belts, necklaces and rings will be shown along with sculptures, paintings, prints, and photographs that will enrich and amplify the many stories of transformation that jewelry tells.

Sandals and toe stalls. New Kingdom. Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose III (ca. 1479–1425 B.C.).
Jeweled bracelets, 500–700. Byzantium. Gold, silver, pearls, amethyst, sapphire, glass, quartz, overall: 1 1/2 x 3 1/4 in. (3.8 x 8.2 cm).

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