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Paula Crown, “Freezing Rain” (detail), 2016, super mirror stainless steel and monofilament

Paula Crown | “Freezing Rain”
Marlborough Gallery
40 W. 57th Street, NYC
September 13 – October 8, 2016

The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are presenting an exhibition of new works by American artist, Paula CrownThe exhibition will feature her sculptural work, Freezing RainContinuing her artistic practice of embracing the use of photography and technology while honoring the core human instinct to make marks, Freezing Rain was conceived from photographs Crown took of rainstorms. In a second group of works titled Anemos (“wind” translated from the Greek), Crown has rendered topographies in a custom stainless steel chain mesh fabric.

Paula Crown, “Anemos Series”, 2016, stainless steel chain mesh.

Crown says of her art practice:

“Neural sensory input is translated through the hand. The pressure of the hand leaves a trace and records a moment of attention.…art is thought manifested .The analog leads to the digital and loops back again…The tools of technology enable me to dimensionalize lines – to lift them off the page, to twist and invert them.” –Paula Crown

The artist’s work attests to being attentive and intentional.  It is nuanced and multi-leveled.  She reminds us that “The most astonishing and numinous features of life are accessible when our senses are a tip-toe.  We all stand on sacred ground, it just requires awareness.”

The exhibit runs from September 13th through October 8th.

image 4
Paula Crown, “Freezing Rain”, 2016, super mirror stainless steel and monofilament.

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