Lloyds Club, a private members club located near Tower Hill has been a social venue for bankers and men of the City since its formation in 1920. On December 1st 2011, the club opened its doors to the public for the first time to introduce “Art at Lloyds Club”, with an exhibition to celebrate its new program of art exhibitions at the club. The exhibition entitled Iconoclasts was the club’s first exhibit, collaborating with Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Gallery, located in Soho and Edel Assanti Gallery, located near Vauxhall.

The exhibit, Iconoclasts presents a “new bread of pre-eminent, contemporary British artists at the forefront of their field”. Works by artists including, Rebecca Stevenson, Alice Instone, Wendy Bevan and Henry Hudson and covered the walls of the four-story clubhouse. As the title suggests, the exhibit displays works that reject the traditionalist and aims to breathe new life into the old. This notion relates back to the Club itself as it has been newly refurbished to reinvent itself and look toward “the future while retaining the traditional values and ethos of the original Club dating back to the 1920’s. Gallery owners and artists were onsite to indulge collectors, who upon purchase would also receive a one-year membership to Lloyds Club.  Art at Lloyds club will also host events and talks for its members about art investment and art sponsorship.

Before the refurbishment, Lloyds Club was primarily a luncheon club. It is interesting to note the creative additive Lloyds Club is offering to encourage new membership. Recently, London has been experiencing a revival of private members arts club. This past September, The Arts Club, originally founded in 1863, was refurbished and reopened on Dover Street in Mayfair. The original 19th century club that hosted members including Charles Dickens, Edgar Degas and Claude Monet, to name a few, was a hub for those in the arts to meet, drink and socialize.

Today, to gain membership at The Arts Club, one is required to participate or have an interest in the arts and must be referred by an existing member. The new wave of arts clubs developing themselves in heritage-rich venues has become a well desired trend, as VIPs and celebrities now count as members to these private and exclusive social sites. Private members clubs are in no way a new idea as many will be familiar with the Soho House Group, which developed in the 1990’s, as “an alter ego to the stuffy members clubs”. Like The Arts Club, Soho House and its multiple, international locations provide venues for members to socialize with others in the media, arts or entertainment industries.  Lloyds Club, which does not require members to participate in creative industries, however seems to be following suit with the introduction of an arts program, promoting culture and art access to its existing and new members.


Opening Times & Dates 

The exhibition Iconoclasts is on until February 23rd 2012.

Viewing hours are everyday from 9am – 1pm, 3pm – 7.30pm

Lloyds Club  42 Crutched Friars  London, EC3N 2AP

020 7863 6680 www.lloydsclub.co.uk art@lloydsclub.co.uk

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