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Video Directed by Indira Cesarine, Photography and cinemtography by Indira Cesarine, Edited by John Paul Zuviate, titles by Emilie Ye Ji Koo

XXXX MAGAZINE creative director INDIRA CESARINE interviews artists at this yearsSCOPE NEW YORK ART FAIR. Interviews with artists Marck, Andy Denzler, Karelle Levy, Cara Phillips, Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz are juxtaposed with some of the artistic highlights of the fair.  SCOPE is known internationally as being one of the leading destinations for the emerging contemporary art market.


Marck with Licht Feld Gallery

Marck is the Licht Feld Gallery’s most successful artist to date. His installations tend to focus on women confined and their perpetual, yet graceful struggle to escape. His skill lies in his powerful ability to transform seemingly ordinary appliances into captivating video installations that inspire an ‘irresistible urge to watch a little while longer’ says Fedy Hadorn, Director of the Licht Feld Gallery.

The philosophy of the Licht feld Gallery is to provide opportunities to the public to be more involved with individual artists whilst nurturing insights into the development of each artist. Working against the nature of the contemporary art industry for fast turnover of new artists, the Licht Feld Gallery seeks to provide its artists with a ‘protected laboratory’ in which they can measure their gwoth and evolution as artists within the community. As well as in the Gallery, Marck also displays his creations in private galleries and contemporary art museums in the USA, Canada, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Rumania and Korea.

Andy Denzler with Galerie Von Braunbehrens

Andy Denzler lives and works in both Zurich and London where he gained his Master of Fine Arts in 2006 at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. He has exhibited his ‘Blur Motion Paintings’ at the Galerie Von Braunbehrens since 2007 and his work returns to Scope New York 2010 alongside the Gallery’s other prominent artists such as Sabine Christmann, Philipp Hofmann and Jens Lorenzen.

Karelle Levy A.M.F Project

Karelle Levy is the designer behind conceptual knitwear range Krelwear. Based in Miami, she attended Scope as part of the A.M.F project with curator Daria Shapiro. Her own line uses the toobular” knit design. Branching through two separate lines, one of a kind and made to order. The products range

from sweaters, dresses, skirts and tanks, to accessories such as hats, scarves,

leg warmers and cuffs. Levy brings ‘quickie couture’ to Scope as she was creating pieces by demand as part of a perfomance installation. She commented that, it’s a collaboration between the artist and the spectator. The responses have been pretty amazing. People have been a little confused sometimes, and they laugh a lot, because it’s unusual but it’s a really fun project and people really enjoy it’

Cara Phillips with  Aureus Contemporary

Cara Phillips, a Brooklyn based photographer exhibits her ‘Ultraviolet Beauties’ at Scope. Inspired by the ultraviolet images many medi-spas and dermatologists use to predict how their clients will look in the future, she implemented this technique in photographing street pedestrians in New York. The idea was to offer people a chance to confront their possible future and have their own moment under the lights. Working with Aureus Contemporary, an initiative that seeks to discover new and emerging talent with an emphasis on craftsmanship and original ideas, Cara Phillips explores her subject’s vulnerability where she claims to find a beauty that transcends the flawed and damaged surface.

Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz with Gagliardi Art System

Swiss artist couple Daniel Klaser and Magdalena Kunz entertain spectators with Voice IV, the lastest project in the Talking Heads series which features cinematic sculptures in dialogue with one another. This particular part in the series features a poetic discourse and series of questioning about their country of origin, South Africa. The talking heads probe issues of political and social change and draw attention to notions of consumer culture and poetry itself. Klaser and Kunz team forces with the Gagliardi Art System, founded by Peter Gagliadi who with more than 35 years in the world of communication and service decided to create a new company dedicated to the art world, triggering the same world, their entrepreneurial skills and creativity.

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