Jandora Lewis, Sebastian Masuda, and Hannah Luke. Courtesy of Jason Crowley/BFA.

Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda unveiled his first restaurant in the United States, SUSHIDELIC, with a private opening party at his new Soho restaurant space on Lafayette Street in New York City. The opening was a vividly colourful event with clothing and decor that dazzled the eyes of attendees on June 27th.

Nail superstar Mei Kawajiri, art world’s David Mugrabi, Rickie Clifton, Tatyana Murray, Lady Liliana & William Cavendish, Carmen d’Alessio, Bryan Sawyer, Christina Radziwill, Keiko Aoki, Ikue Fenwick, Jackie Astier, Toshi Salvino, Rin Castles, Mahou Prince, Candy5, Kelly Bensimon and Untitled’s Indira Cesarine were among the guests who supported Masuda on this colorful venture. Masuda’s partners in SUHSIDELIC, Hiro Nishida and Taka Tanaka, were among the guests, and Delic Girls Jandora Lewis and Hannah Luke also attended in support of Masuda. DJs Andrew Bickley and Christopher Moore kept guests dancing while they enjoyed sushi and bites, and kept the party going until late.

Prince and Rin Castles. Courtesy of Jason Crowley/BFA.

Born in Toyko, Masuda is synonymous with the maximalism that is beloved in Harajuku culture and Japan as a whole. He is also seen as the leading figure behind Japan’s culture of cuteness, which is called Kawaii. Masuda is a multi-disciplinary artist who began his career in theater and contemporary art.

Since grounding himself in Harajuku, his store 6%DokiDoki started as a vintage shop but quickly shaped Tokyo street fashion and gained a cult-like following. In 2015, Masuda began directing and producing the Kawaii Monster Café, which was a restaurant featuring Kawaii performances in Shibuya City that closed during COVID-19.

Courtesy of Jason Crowley/BFA.

After experiencing the fragmentation of the world during COVID-19, Masuda became interested in the definition of community with the hope of inspiring the new generation to craft a better future. His mission, which is aligned with Kawaii and Harajuka, is to encourage people to recall their childlike sense of wonder in a culture that allows little room for rebellion.

Masuda was named “One of the 100 Most Influential Japanese People in the World” by Newsweek in 2019. Now, Masuda is working on the art direction for Roald Dahl’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory musical in Toyko.

SUSHIDELIC is a child’s dream from the moment a guest walks through the front door. Instead of being an ordinary sushi restaurant, it’s an immersive Kawaii experience quite similar to that of the Kawaii Monster Café. Masuda’s signature psychedelic, whimsical, and colorful style is very much on display with the interior design and food concepts.

The outside of SUSHIDELIC. Courtesy of Jason Crowley/BFA.

A pink conveyor belt brings guests their food, and three large rotating cats named Tipsy, Cutie, and Sexy hang from the walls. Masunda’s own art also adorns the restaurant. The menu offers various sushi dishes, other Japanese classics, vegetarian dishes, and a variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Masuda worked with three chefs to bring SUSHIDELIC to life. Chef Kyle Puchir is a highly experienced food and beverage consultant, private chef, and executive chef who has worked at some of the world’s top restaurants, including Eleven Madison Park. Chef Hiroki Abe also worked at Eleven Madison Park and comes from a family of culinary tradition. Chef Reina Tange was born and raised in Tokyo and has worked in prestigious hotels and resorts.

SUSHIDELIC offers thirty-four seats and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 to 11 p.m. in SOHO, NYC.

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