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SPRINK/BREAK art show went cross-country to Los Angeles this past February, coinciding with Frieze LA, and making it the first time the show travels outside of NYC. Marking the start of an art awakening on the West Coast, Los Angeles is becoming an art center parallel to NYC.

SPRING/BREAK LA presented 40+ curated exhibitions of local emerging and established artists, non-profit organizations, independent curators, artist collectives and galleries, with the theme “fact and fiction”.

The show was held at Stalls at Skylight Row DTLA – a set of 32 industrial spaces formerly used for fruit selling and storing, repurposed as art galleries and spaces. “I think each iteration of Spring/Break is an homage or sort of a benediction to a space and what that space’s legacy and history has been,” Andrew Gori, co-founder of the fair, told ARTnews. “We feel like the work and the themes are always speaking in some way to those spaces.”

SPRING/BREAK LA show was the anti-establishment’s response to the larger corporate feeling of the synchronous shows. Entering, there was a large parking lot full of open industrial containers, inviting viewers with a soft glow of lit artwork. Each booth felt like it was the artists or curators own, most left the space raw, and some even used magnets to hang the work. All forms of art were welcome: installations, performance, digital, sculptures, print, paintings, neon, and more.

Stand out artists include Maripol, Richard Prince (who was there signing a print per person) and French artist Blasepheme (or Blase) – who takes old paintings from flea markets and paints back into them with satirical images, transforming the meaning.

On-site coverage and slideshow of images by Fahren Feingold for The Untitled Magazine

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