Featuring Francesca Fiorentini
Motion Graphics by Thomas Bergamini
Music by Edward Jahn
Styling by Patrico Gullamon & Francesca Fiorentini
Hair & Makeup by Francesca Fiorentini
Te-Lo Muestro (2:25) features the photography of Patricio Guillamon of his muse, Francesca Fiorentini.  TELOS is slang for the pay-by-the-hour sex motels scattered throughout Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here couples, lovers, and complete strangers are invited to play both voyeur and exhibitionist; to get lost in their own reflections and fantasies of watching and being watched.  Motion Graphics by Thomas Bergamini and music by Edward Jahn.



Patrico Gullamon


As a photographer and artist, Patricio Guillamón’s work spans the worlds of fashion, photojournalism and pop art, highlighting both the real and imaginary and focusing intimately on the subject. Whether backstage, on the street, or in a remote mountain town, Patricio’s photography documents life through its most intimate and quiet moments, following a shadow, a glance, and the spaces between. Through experimental photography and psychedelic digital collages composed of distilled images of his own and others’ work, Patricio plays with symbols and meaning, offering up his own artistic and political commentary with series such as Weapons of Mass Seduction and works like Ayatollah Uncle Sam.

Born, raised and living in Buenos Aires, Patricio has studied at the University of Palermo, as well as the School of Visual Arts and ICP in New York.


His work has appeared in Polo Today, FTV Magazine, D-Mode Magazine, The Argentimes, XXXX magazine The Surreal issue and others.



Thomas Bergamini


Thomas Bergamini studied visual effects and animation at Drexel University, and resides in New Jersey.  He is currently working for XXXX Magazine designing titles and graphics.  Thomas worked as motion graphic designer on TE-LO MUESTRO by Patricio Guillamon.  His previous projects have been featured in online festivals.  In 2010 Thomas’s live action and animation project “I Commute in My Mind” was a finalist in the Nikon 140 second or less film festival. In 2009 he was a collaborator on the Adobe Design Achievement Award winning project “The Fourmation”.  He continues to expand his portfolio by trying to push the bounds of what can be done with film and animation.

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