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In today’s world, podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for amplifying diverse voices and fostering empowerment, particularly for women. These audio platforms offer a space for candid conversations, inspiring stories, and invaluable insights that resonate with listeners on a profound level. From exploring feminist perspectives to celebrating trailblazing achievements, the following selection of female-centric empowerment podcasts promises to uplift, educate, and ignite a sense of possibility within every listener. Check out a selection of some of our favorites to add to your playlist. 

Call Her Daddy

“Call Her Daddy” is a popular podcast hosted by Alex Cooper has a nuanced exploration of relationships, mental health, and personal growth from a feminist perspective. Initially launched in 2018 under Barstool Sports, the podcast gained notoriety for its candid discussions about sex and relationships, normalizing conversations about female pleasure and desires.

Since 2020, the podcast now tackles complex issues like codependency, online harassment, and the importance of therapy, reflecting Cooper’s personal growth and maturation. By creating a space for open dialogue, “Call Her Daddy” encourages women to confidently navigate relationships, set boundaries, and prioritize their well-being, challenging traditional gender norms and societal expectations.

The Guilty Feminist

This award-winning podcast, hosted by Deborah Frances-White, offers a hilarious and honest exploration of modern feminist issues. Frances-White and her guests candidly discuss topics like politics, history, dating, and life advice through an intersectional feminist lens.

The show’s self-deprecating title reflects its tone – it’s okay to be a “guilty feminist” who doesn’t have all the answers. With an impressive roster of guests and Frances-White’s brilliant wit, this is a must-listen for anyone seeking an entertaining and thought-provoking take on feminism. Episodes like “Losing Your Insecurities with Maisie Adam” blend laughter with insightful commentary on overcoming self-doubt as a woman.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Leave it to Oprah to host one of the most uplifting and thought-provoking podcasts around. On SuperSoul, the media mogul interviews spiritual leaders, public figures, authors, and more about finding deeper meaning.

Oprah’s soulful wisdom and empathetic interview style create a sense of warmth and openness in every conversation. It’s the ultimate self-care for reconnecting to your spiritual core. Episodes like her discussion with Eckhart Tolle provide profound perspective shifts.

The Brand is Female

This podcast highlights the stories of trailblazing women entrepreneurs and leaders across industries. Host Eva Hartling interviews guests who share their unique journeys navigating business, overcoming challenges, and redefining limits.

From personal anecdotes to practical advice, each episode ignites inspiration for fellow women charting their paths to success and empowerment in their careers. Guests like Manjit Minhas, co-founder of Minhas Breweries, offer motivating insights on building a brand from the ground up as a female founder.


This feminist podcast celebrates the unruly, revolutionary women throughout history who defied societal norms and paved the way for progress. Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin make learning about these trailblazers wildly entertaining.

From 16th-century Spanish mystic poets to the working-class women behind the birth control movement, Unladylike shines a light on the unsung heroines we all should know about. Their comedic flair makes feminist history feel fresh and relevant to modern listeners.

The Broad Experience

This unique podcast takes you inside the lives and careers of remarkable women across industries. Host Ashley Milne-Tyte goes beyond just career advice to tell rich, nuanced stories celebrating her guests’ experiences.

With its intimate interview style and focus on highlighting diverse voices, The Broad Experience offers an inspiring and eye-opening look at the modern woman’s professional journey. Guests like Payal Kadakia, founder of ClassPass, share both their successes and failures for a candid portrayal of ambition.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

Married duo Lauryn and Michael host this fun, no-holds-barred podcast tackling relationships, sex, business, and more from the unique perspectives of a husband and wife team.

Their opposing viewpoints and playful banter make for hilarious yet insightful episodes filled with refreshing honesty. It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and real talk about modern love and life. With chapters like “Keeping the Spark Alive,” they offer relatable advice for couples.

We Can Do Hard Things

Based on Glennon Doyle’s viral memoir and mantra, this podcast sees Glennen Doyle, wife Abby Wambach, and sister Amanda confront the “hard things” in life through candid conversation.

Each week they tackle everything from breakups to addiction with radical honesty, hope, and even humor. With special guests and an openness to life’s messiness, it’s like having an unfiltered discussion with your closest friends. Their vulnerability creates a refreshingly authentic space to explore life’s difficulties.

Woman Evolve

Sarah Jakes Roberts hosts this inspirational podcast blending faith, storytelling, and real-talk advice for personal growth. As someone who overcame major life challenges, Roberts aims to show women they too can “evolve.”

With her preacher’s daughter wit and episodes like “Excuse Me, I’m Growing,” Roberts will have you laughing, reflecting, and feeling uplifted. It’s the spiritual self-care you never knew you needed. By sharing her own journey, Roberts creates a safe space for women to embrace their flaws and work towards becoming their best selves.

The Highest Self Podcast

Author and coach Sahara Rose hosts this spirituality-focused podcast exploring what it means to reach your “highest self.” She has deep, heart-centered conversations with thought leaders and experts on self-actualization.

Whether discussing purpose, relationships, health, or beyond, Rose offers a space to dive into the big questions of human existence. It’s the ideal soulful self-care for those on a journey of personal growth. Episodes like “Decolonizing Wellness” provide eye-opening perspectives on spiritual topics. 

Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast

Michelle Obama’s podcast, “Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast,” is a powerful platform for female empowerment and advocacy. Through candid conversations with her husband, Barack Obama, and other influential guests, she explores the relationships and experiences that have shaped her life and values.

In one episode, Michelle delves into the importance of education as a path to empowerment, particularly for young girls around the world. She discusses her upbringing on the South Side of Chicago, where her mother’s unwavering support and advocacy for her education instilled a sense of self-worth and ambition.

Do The Work

The “Do The Work” podcast, hosted by Dr. Nicole LePera, delves into the concept of self-healing and empowering individuals to take charge of their personal growth journey. Dr. LePera, a clinical psychologist, recognized the limitations of traditional psychotherapy and developed a holistic approach that combines mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of well-being.

In one episode, Dr. LePera interviews a student, McLennon Wilson, about the differences between synchronous and asynchronous online learning. This exemplifies her “make them do the work” strategy, where learners research and develop expertise on a topic, positioning themselves as experts.

Being HER with Margarita Nazarenko

The “Being HER with Margarita Nazarenko” podcast is focused on providing advice and guidance for women on topics related to relationships, self-love, and personal growth. The podcast aims to empower women and help them cultivate healthy mindsets and behaviors

In one episode, “8 Secrets Of Women Who Are Cherished & NEVER Get Taken For Granted,” Nazarenko discusses the qualities and behaviors of women who are valued and respected in their relationships. This episode delves into principles of self-worth and boundary-setting to help women avoid being taken for granted.

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