Travis Jeppesen will be doing a reading of his book, 16 Sculptures in London’s Wilkinson Gallery on July 19th at 6pm. The book, which is a collection of Jeppesen’s writings for the Whitney Biennial 2014, will be available to purchase at the gallery following the reading.

“Depriving us of our usual faculties for experiencing works of art, sight and visual-spatial reasoning, Jeppesen’s texts instead stage an encounter with objects through language that nonetheless retains the texture of embodied, physical experience, an imaginative realm in which he attempts to summon the autonomous essences and interior lives of objects themselves.”

The Untitled Magazine attended the exhibit opening in London, which features the installation of 16 audio scuptures, 4 against each wall of the square white room.  The voice of the artist is digitally manipulated with tonalities varying from Darth Vaderesque reverberations to high pitched female intonations, the words of each have a hypnotic poetic quality.  The blackened out glasses allow you to escape into the words and experience their meaning in the open gallery space yet evoque a feeling of intimacy.

Travis Jeppesen
Artist Travis Jeppesen at Wilkinson Gallery – Portrait by Indira Cesarine
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