haluk akakçe

Richard Taittinger Gallery

Come Midnight

154 Ludlow Street, New York, NY
May 16 – June 21
Opening Preview: May 15-16, 12 AM – 8AM
The Richard Taittinger Gallery will host a new solo exhibition called Come Midnight, which will introduce new work by Turkish artist Haluk Akakçe. Akakçe is well known. known for his surreal, colorful, and graphic multimedia creations.
In his first US presentation in nearly a decade, Akakçe uses the notion of transformation as a key to investigate the delicate balance between the earth and spirit world. This exhibition will include video, paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Entitled after the “zero hour” of transition between one day and the next, Come Midnight embraces the fleeting, intangible aspects of life and aligns these with the physical & spiritual worlds.
The front gallery space represents the “physical world” with large-scale paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. The exhibit then navigates through a transitional soundscape pathway, created  in collaboration with composer  Michael Vecchio,  which  represents  the  “spirit world.” The back gallery is illuminated by Moonlight Serenade (2015), a  single  channel  video installation that expresses nostalgia for a romantic past and highlights the possibility of organic sensitivity surrounded by cold mechanization.This exhibition offers a momentary, fragile, and sensitive vision of transitional states, comparing to the flutter of butterfly wings. Come Midnight will run through June 21.
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