SCHOOL’S OUT! at the Mike Weiss Gallery

Mike Weiss Gallery
520 W 24, New York, NY, 10011
June 23 – August 6

Mike Weiss Gallery will present a group exhibition called SCHOOL’S OUT! that encapsulates the whimsical and youthful freedom of a juvenile summer. The exhibition will be most of the summer, from June 23rd to August 6th, and will include works by Deborah Brown, Thrush Holmes, and Jerry Kearns.

Deborah Brown oil paintings use elements of familiar imagery – like mythology, art history, and literature – guided by her personal interpretations. Many of her works are Picasso-esque in the figure’s style, but the canvas provides an element of anthropomorphism to the figures. Allowing her work to break away from the typical connotations of classic imagery and function freely; representative of the playful spirit embodied in the exhibition. Another artist in the exhibition is Jerry Kearns. Kearns’ multilayered “psychological pop” painting’s offer a vibrant and playful spirit. Presenting a panoramic view of contemporary culture with characters of bikini-clad women and joker-headed bodybuilders among others. Thrush Holmes’ mixes neon and oil painting together to create cheeky revisions of classic landscape paintings. His work mixes fundamental elements of landscape – foreground, background, and horizon – with engaging characteristics of a lurid, busy palette, the infusion of neon fixtures, and the Warholian seriality of their installation.

(Left to Right) Deborah Brown, Bacchante, 2016 | Jerry Kearns, Joker’s Wild, 2016 | Thrush Holmes, New Year’s Poem, 2015
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