THE POND (1:58)
Created by Bell Soto
Featuring Augusto & Bernardo Dahinten and Shaun Haugh
Music by Andreas Wolter
Styling by John Tan
Makeup by Anna Bernabe
Hair by Heather Packer

The Pond (1:58) is a fantasy tale created by Bell Soto and features twins Augusto & Bernardo Dahinte as well as Shaun Haugh. Two mermen brothers live in a pond with their father. With fear and excitement the brothers start a new adventure leaving the pond to discover unknown lands. Music by Andreas Wolter. Styling by John Tan, with hair by Heather Packer and makeup by Anna Bernabe.


Bell Soto
Bell Soto is a photographer / director from Peru based in New York & London. His work has been featured in several international publications such as Vmagazine, Vman, 7thMan, Flaunt, Madame Figaro, amongst others. He has shot exclusive collections for designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Walter Beirendonck, Romain Kremer, Alexander McQueen and David Koma. His film work has evolved as a natural development from his photography. His elegant cinematography drives a story that is both emotional and captivating. His ability to create simple narratives through unique, complimentary elements of fashion and moving image drives him as a successful filmmaker. Soto was recently selected to participate in LaJolla Film Festival 2011.

Augusto and Bernardo Dahinten


Andreas Wolter
Andreas Wolter, pianist, composer and organist, received since he was 6 Age of piano lessons, won several prizes in piano and harpsichord, and studied at the HDK Berlin and at the Musikhochschule Münster.
His piano teachers were Michael Seewann, Klaus Hennecke, Prof. Gregor Weichert, Wolfgang and Prof. Elena Lapitzkaja Saschowa.Harpsichord lessons he received from Tobias Schade, as well as organ and theory at Cantor Jürgen Schulz.
As a soloist and chamber musician on piano and harpsichord Andreas Wolter is often found in national and international festivals and concerts. In addition, Wolter worked as a composer. He has written numerous chamber music and solo works and film scores and released on CD.

John Tan

Anna Bernabe

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